South Beach Classics Will Be Shooting Their 5th Season

Ted Vernon's Reality Show is Making a Comeback

Ted Vernon's Show Comes Back!

​Celebrity Ted Vernon of Ted Vernon Specialty Automobiles Inc. recently announced his reality show, “South Beach Classics” will be making a comeback later this year. The show previously aired on The Discovery Network and wrapped after four seasons.

The newest season will be filming in Miami by producer Max Wyler and his production company Accord Productions. The production company is popular for many independent films. It is set to be aired on YouTube and the regional network, Beach Channel, in hopes of reaching a wider audience.

Shooting will take place in April of this year and be concluded in June. The season will reflect previous seasons focusing on classic car deals across the United States. There will also be new faces introduced.

Ted Vernon also explained that there will be a 90-minute biopic explaining his previous relationship with Robin Vernon, soon to be released.

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