Sourcing Allies Launches Coronavirus Support Services for North American and European Businesses That Manufacture in China

Sourcing Allies' China-based sourcing experts, comprising of U.S., U.K., Swedish and Chinese nationals, will help businesses get fast and accurate information regarding their orders.

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China sourcing company Sourcing Allies announces the launch of Coronavirus support services for Western businesses whose supply of China-manufactured goods has been affected because of the outbreak of the deadly virus. Their team of British, American, Swedish and Chinese nationals based in Ningbo, China, will be at the core of their Coronavirus Support Services. 

The Coronavirus-related lockdown in China has stalled manufacturing since January, affecting global supply chains, and making it difficult for businesses to get fast and accurate information regarding existing or new manufacturing orders. As of March 3, the outbreak has killed 3,115 people across the world, with the majority of deaths in China. Though the number of new infections in China has dropped, and the country is slowly getting back to work, the virus has now spread across 73 countries and territories, making any travel to China risky. 

The Ningbo team will guide businesses – those that are worried about existing orders and/or those that want to place new ones – through this global health emergency without them having to set foot in China.

“End customers expect it to be business as usual. However, the Coronavirus outbreak has ensured that it is not business as usual,” said Eric Bengtson, CEO, Sourcing Allies. “We found that businesses that source from China are struggling to get accurate and up-to-date information from the ground because they are unable to travel there themselves and are unlikely to do so for quite some time. We decided to launch our Coronavirus Support Services because we already have an experienced sourcing team based in China that can handle any tasks needed to keep global supply chains of customers intact.”

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About Sourcing Allies:

Sourcing Allies has helped Western customers manufacture and source products from China as well as India and Eastern Europe since 2006. We are headquartered in Sweden and have offices in China, the U.S., U.K. and Europe. We guide businesses through the process of getting quotes, evaluating factories and managing the complexities of manufacturing and shipping. We ensure the goods are delivered when our customers want them – all for the best price, quality and lead time.

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