SoundChip Introduces Waypoints™ - a Platform for Scaling the Delivery of Class-Leading Noise Cancelling Into Smart Headsets

Proven Methods Combined with Powerful Tools & System-Level Acoustic Expertise Enable the Reliable Delivery of Effective Noise Cancelling

SoundChip SA, a Swiss-based global leader in hearable sound technology, today announced the introduction of its Waypoints™ platform, which combines proven methods, tools and expertise to help customers scale the delivery of effective noise cancelling into more products within their headset portfolio than ever before.

Waypoints adopts a cradle-to-grave approach that not only streamlines the development of noise cancelling headphones but brings about increased control over their introduction into mass production and continuous manufacturing. Comprising a five-stage process, which responds to the unique challenges of headsets comprising regulated acoustics, working methods, tools and design expertise operate in unison to remove technical uncertainty and build confidence in end-product outcomes at the outset of any new program. The platform can be exercised in tandem with customers’ existing processes and covers all facets of end-product design, development and manufacturing - including end-of-line test and production monitoring.         

Mark Donaldson, CEO of SoundChip, said, “Noise cancellation is a complex technology that demands the careful marrying of electronics, software and acoustics on a product-specific basis. As our customers have come to understand, successfully deploying an effective noise cancelling capability across multiple product targets requires considerably more than choosing the right silicon. By transforming SoundChip’s unique system-level audio knowledge into powerful working methods and tools, which can be readily exercised by domain experts, we have created a platform capable of scaling the delivery of class-leading noise cancelling into new headsets with unprecedented reliability and speed.”

Complementing the Waypoints platform is SoundChip’s Soundstation portfolio of tools. During this year’s CES, the company will begin introducing lead customers to the next generation of its leading Soundstation Production test, calibration and programming solution. Soundstation Production is the world’s only cloud-enabled production test offering that employs Big Data analytics to enhance the testing, calibration and programming of hybrid noise cancelling earphones, headsets and hearables.

For further information about Waypoints or SoundChip’s noise cancelling products and technologies, please contact to arrange a meeting at CES.

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Mark Donaldson
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Source: SoundChip SA