Soul to Soul Finds Love in the Stars

Matchmaker Lynn Saginario

Experienced psychic medium Lynn Saginario has introduced a relaxing new option to finding the perfect soulmate. Her talents have helped people navigate their lives, make important decisions and find a new way. Now, she’s broadening her services to include love with her unique service, Soul to Soul Matchmaking.

It came to her in a dream. Her deceased mother encouraged Lynn to use her special gift to connect people who are meant to be together. Saginario said she will use the same care she now offers clients who seek psychic assistance in life challenges to help bring people together. This online dating service promises to help narrow choices, saving time and heartache.

“This is a different approach to dating,” Saginario said. “I want to utilize my intuitive gifts to facilitate long-lasting connections.”

The online community, Saginario advises, will allow her to reach people nationwide and connect them with their true loves. She said the true soulmate may be cross country or right next door. She will work closely with clients and use her spiritual connection with guides and loved ones to seek these happy unions.  

“For many years, my talent for bringing hearts together has shone through in my work as a psychic medium,” she said. “Helping others find love is not only a natural progression of my gifts, it is an important part of my calling. After three decades of sharing my relationship expertise with thousands of clients, I am excited to combine that experience with my psychic edge to assist in finding true love.”

Saginario values this new service as an important part of her calling. She has worked with thousands of clients over the years and is ready to help people find happiness, true happiness, in this part of her journey.

For more information, visit Don’t wait for them to align – let Lynn Saginario untangle your star-crossed love.

Source: Soul to Soul Matchmaking


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