SOTSU Releases SOTSU Portable FlipAction Monitor 16 and the World's First Popular Manufacturing Business Trading Card Game

Monitor in High Position Mode

SOTSU launches the SOTUS Portable FlipAction Monitor 16 (SPFAM 16), one of the world’s most versatile monitors in three colorways: Universe Black, Granite Gray, Arctic Blue. The SPFAM 16 comes with a 16-inch LG display panel, a maximum resolution of 2560 x 1600 and has excellent color performance. It comes with an SD card slot, is height and tilt adjustability and is made with CNC machined metal parts. The display screen can rotate from 0 to -90, 90, and 180 degrees. It is compatible with computers and a select number of cellphone brands. The monitor also supports pass-through charging to power computer devices.

“We created this product because there are two major flaws with traditional laptop monitor designs. It only has one screen, which means you have a limited amount of real estate. Also, the laptop keyboard is connected to the screen which means the screen position is constrained by the keyboard. This causes the screen to be excessively below eye level, which breaks the ergonomics of the work setup. SPFAM 16 can provide a portable solution to some of the above-mentioned issues. The monitor can be raised on top of the laptop display panel, providing two screens, which could potentially alleviate strain on the neck,” said Jerry Ruxun Dong, the founder of the SOTSU brand. 

SOTSU is also excited to introduce the world’s first popular manufacturing business trading card game (TCG). The First Edition TCG combines concepts from the world of manufacturing and the business creating a one-of-a-kind trading card game, educational tool, and collector’s item. 

Jerry states, “After graduating from Virginia Tech in 2012 with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, I founded a company that can produce high-quality products because we control the entire product cycle. We want to build Made-in-China into Designed-in-China and Innovated-in-China. We do not just stop at good enough, we benchmark ourselves against the very best in the world of electronics. Our manufacturing facility is ISO 9001 certified by SGS, and we have a state-of-the-art, 5-axis capable, production facility with 18 CNC milling and turning machines, a CMM lab for quality control and an innovative R&D center. Our TCG is probably one of the most innovative and fascinating products on the market in recent years.”

The SOTSU Portable FlipAction Monitor 16 and the TCG are available for sale and preorder on Amazon. 

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Source: SOTSU

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