Sorensons Ranch School Helps Students Individually

KOOSHAREM, UT- Sorenson's Ranch School makes sure that every child receives the individual attention they need to help them recover from the issues that they are experiencing.

Sorenson's Ranch School, a residential treatment center for troubled youth, treats its students as individuals with personal issues unique to each of them and not as a class of behaviorally challenged delinquents, which sometimes happens to troubled teens in the public school systems. After students are admitted to Sorenson's Ranch School, a comprehensive evaluation is completed for each individual adolescent. These evaluations are critical to ensure that the best-suited treatment options and mode of treatment for your troubled teen are found.

There are many sources of information and types of evaluations that must be processed before the treatment team can formulate an individual plan for each student based on their individual needs. Sorenson's Residential Treatment Center gathers a complete history and background of the troubled teen. This information comes from a variety of sources. The parent is asked to fill out a detailed questionnaire, including information such as the presenting problems, birth history, and relationships with other family members and peers. Other information may be obtained, if available, from previous educational institutions, previous treatment providers, or other past therapists.

A licensed professional clinician at Sorenson's Ranch School interviews each troubled teen upon admission. This initial extensive assessment offers critical information about the troubled teen's perspective of their background, problems, and needs. The therapist is able to glean not only verbal information from the student, but information from kinesthetic and visual cues as well. Parents or guardians are then contacted and interviewed regarding their struggling adolescent. Sorenson's also uses a variety of other tests to gain a complete understanding of the troubled teen's issues and diagnosis. These tests identify difficulties that may not have surfaced during interviews or from other information given.

Only after this vital information is gathered can a treatment plan be formulated. The treatment plan formalizes the correct treatment modes. A map is then set into motion detailing cutting-edge and traditional models for individual and group therapies best suited for your troubled teen.

For more information you can contact the admissions office of Sorenson's Ranch School at 1-888-830-4802 or visit the Sorensons Ranch School website.


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