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Sorenson's Ranch School can help troubled youth through their individual needs. Sorenson's Ranch has been helping troubled teens for over 30 years.

Troubled teens and troubled youth have many different and unique needs that in many cases are hard to understand and treat. Recent studies have shown that there is a growing amount of youth that suffer from symptoms such as: depression, ADD, ADHD, reactive attachment disorder (RAD), and many other very difficult issues. It is hard as parents or guardians to know exactly what to do when a loved one is going through one, or many, of these issues.

Today troubled teens face many obstacles that are very different than teens have ever faced. Parents do not know where to turn in many cases. Sorenson's Ranch School is a fully working youth ranch that incorporates a unique mixture of ranch style living with therapy. The therapeutic environment at Sorenson's Ranch is second to none. Many troubled youth come to Sorenson's Ranch and experience a lot of self realization.

There are many activities that help students overcome the problems that they are experiencing, but even more importantly they learn how to cope with the problems themselves. Students learn communication skills and the value of hard work. The therapists at Sorenson's Ranch have a lot of experience helping teenagers correct behaviors and overcome problems. Sorenson's Ranch is a great place to turn to for answers.

For more information visit Sorensons Ranch School or call the admissions office at 1-888-830-4802


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