Sonny's Pianos to Showcase Art Case Steinways at Friar's Club and Guild Hall

Pianos a focal point in 'Boogie Stomp Show' starring Bob Baldori and Arthur Migliazza

Boogie Woogie Meets Fine Art Pianos

Sonny's Pianos of Bohemia, Long Island is showcasing two of its finest hand-painted masterpieces at upcoming performances at the Guild Hall John Drew Theater on July 24 and the Friars Club in New York on July 27.

These artcase Steinways – the “Prince’s Love Piano” and the “Green Chi Piano” – will be used in Boogie Stomp, starring boogie kings Bob Baldori and Arthur Migliazza, a boogie, blues and jazz performance highlighting the history of American piano playing. These distinctly decorated pianos are completely restored instruments with state-of-the-art player systems installed. Each piano has a colorful history.

The Prince’s Love Piano is a one-of-kind, rosewood artcase piano built by Steinway & Sons in the Hamburg, Germany, factory in 1900. Adorned with pastoral scenes, this hand-painted piano, evaluated by an art historian, is said to have been sold and shipped to a prince in La Tour-de-Peilz, Switzerland. It is believed that the prince commissioned an artist to create the Romantic scenes, popular in the mid-18th century, to immortalize the passion he shared with his love. The scenes are painted in the Vernis Martin style, an 18th century technique named for the Parisian-based Martin brothers, who developed and refined the finishes used in Asian lacquer. The piano also features scrolling tendrils as well as colored flowers and garlands on the case and legs.

The Green Chi Piano features scenes based on Chinese gardens and landscapes, including mountains, water, trees and people. The elements convey an orderly world, with the mountains in particular reflecting chi – a life-restoring essence. Painted green, with an even border of original mahogany, the piano includes two kinds of scenes, one with two-dimensional and the other with three-dimensional borders. The beautifully linear artwork is traditional Chinese landscape painting. The underside of the piano’s lid is adorned with stylized peonies, reflecting wealth and status, as well as birds, symbolizing a happy marriage and eternal love.

Both Steinways are also player-pianos for listeners who don’t know how to play the piano but treasure live piano music performed by true virtuosos.

About Sonny’s Pianos

Sonny’s Art Case Steinway Pianos, located in Bohemia, New York, is one of the premiere restoration houses for pre-owned decorative artcase Steinways. Sonny buys and restores pre-owned Steinways, selling them to discriminating clients in a worldwide market. Sonny’s team of furniture specialists, piano technicians and artists return the sound and appearance of these majestic instruments to their original elegant and beautiful condition. To learn more, visit Sonny’s showroom or view his inventory on

Source: Sonny's Art Case Pianos Collection

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