Sonar Launches Pulse: Activating Salesforce Event Monitoring for Real Time Application Detection & Data Security

Sonar's latest solution expands how Salesforce customers manage integration access and data security. Now offering always-on integration monitoring and application detection, Systems, Ops & InfoSec leaders can benefit from real-time alerts and notifications as well as easy-to-filter and export access logs to simplify compliance.

Sonar, a leader in the Salesforce management space, announced today their new Salesforce data security and integration monitoring capabilities, allowing businesses to gain a comprehensive and real-time understanding into the applications (and users) connecting to their CRM data. Through its Salesforce differentiated solutions, Sonar supports Systems, Ops and InfoSec teams’ most critical initiatives - including protecting sensitive data, avoiding integrated system breaks, and managing application performance. 

"Through conversations with many Information Security leaders, it became quickly apparent that many of them were operating on blind faith when it came to Salesforce data security,” said Jack McGlinchey, CEO at Sonar. “And without real-time monitoring and a holistic view into their integrated tech stack, their Ops teams were struggling to confidently say where and how sensitive data was being accessed. We’ve built Pulse to help solve that problem.” 

Observability & Monitoring Designed for Proactive Salesforce Security 
For Information Security leaders who have invested (or are considering investing) in Salesforce Shield, Sonar Pulse helps them to capitalize on their investment, giving Systems teams an easier way to operationalize Event Monitoring data for proactive integration management and data protection. 

By interpreting and visualizing Salesforce access logs from third-party integrations, Sonar now activates your Event Monitoring API in real-time, providing:  

  • Proactive Integration Monitoring: Receive real-time alerts when new applications are connected to Salesforce, or when existing application access changes occur that may result in breaks to your integrated architecture or costly data leaks.
  • Compliance Management: Audit always up-to-date event monitoring logs to discern object and field level access to business data from an easy-to-filter and export-ready dashboard, simplifying audit requirements for SOC2, ISO 27001, PCI, and more.
  • API Monitoring: Monitor API activity across the complete integrated tech stack to report on system uptime, allocate consumption against API limits and spot anomalies that could indicate fraudulent behavior. 

"It’s been fantastic working with Sonar to bring an innovative product like Pulse to market,” said Pete Thurston, Senior Director of Product Management, Platform Trusted Services at Salesforce. “Sonar has truly amplified the functionality of the Salesforce Shield suite, enabling our customers to operationalize their Event Monitoring data, making it highly actionable with real-time monitoring, and providing turnkey always-on management for their integrated apps.”

Sonar Pulse gives life to Event Monitoring data, providing Enterprises with real-time alerts and a dashboard to manage their integrated tech stack. Salesforce owners now have the comprehensive visibility they need to ensure new and existing applications never put their data security or integrated workflows at risk. 

Source: Sonar

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