'Someone's Gotta Make It' Podcast Celebrates the Unsung Heroes Behind Everyday Products

Interview Series Reveals How Popular Products Are Made, Offers Practical Advice on Overcoming Business Growth Challenges

Nutshell Presents: Someone's Gotta Make It

Nutshell, the all-in-one sales and marketing platform serving small- and medium-sized businesses worldwide, has released the complete first season of Someone's Gotta Make It, a podcast series showcasing the entrepreneurs behind some very familiar products, from bedsheets to barbecue sauce to artificial turf.

Each episode of Someone's Gotta Make It features a long-form interview with a founder or executive at a business that makes something people use or encounter all the time in their daily lives but never really think about. The interviews cover how these products are made, as well as how the guests overcame the challenges of building their businesses.

"The show was inspired by Nutshell's own customers, who sell all kinds of fascinating and useful things," said Ben Goldstein, VP of Marketing at Nutshell and host of Someone's Gotta Make It. "At first, I just wanted to give our listeners some quirky stories about how everyday items are made. But when I started interviewing my guests, I realized that they all had a ton of practical insights on entrepreneurship to share as well. These folks aren't just talking about business growth, they're living it."

Someone's Gotta Make It is executive-produced by radio veteran Seth Resler of Community Marketing Revolution. The six-episode first season is available now on nutshell.com/podcast, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and YouTube, and features the following episodes:

  • The Motz Group Founder Joe Motz on sports fields and smart hiring practices
  • American Blossom Linens Founder Janet Wischnia on bedsheets and keeping up with modern business tactics
  • TentCraft CEO & President Matt Bulloch on promotional tents and building company culture
  • Lillie's of Charleston Co-Founder & CEO Tracey Richardson on barbecue sauce and creating brand superfans
  • Genoskin Chief Business Innovation Officer Eric Merle on injectable pharma and team communication
  • Wareologie Founder & CEO Gina Adams on medical devices and cash flow challenges

"Anyone who's trying to launch or grow a business will find enough actionable advice and encouragement in these conversations to make them worth your time," Goldstein said. "And if you just want to learn how artificial turf is made, I think you'll still enjoy it."

The second season of Someone's Gotta Make It is currently in pre-production. To suggest potential guests for the show, please email podcast@nutshell.com.

An electronic press kit for Someone's Gotta Make It can be found here.

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