Someone Has Finally Found a Solution for the Problems in American Politics

Who wants the job? Trump, Clinton, Cruz, Sanders, maybe Bloomberg? Would they make the cut in the new reality show, "Who Wants to be President." Finally, we have the means for the American people to beat the system and take back their country.

R B Pook has just released his political thriller “Who Wants to be President”, released as a Kindle Edition book on on February 6, 2016.

Richard has always been directing his life’s journey, hitchhiking cross-country earlier in life and later traveling to numerous parts of the world on business and for pleasure.  Throughout all of his travels and experiences, he has routinely immersed himself in cultures and people.  He studied English literature at Queens College and has been an avid reader for as long as he can remember.  In his various careers, he has written technical manuals and business and creative writings.  He explains, “I am still intrigued that mere words, symbols on a page, can make us laugh or cry or empathize or hate; take us through the spectrum of emotion.”

In “Who Wants to be President”, Duncan Bernard, a blogger, develops a plan to produce a presidential candidate using a reality TV show and tries to sell the idea to the television industry.  He eventually teams up with Janice Coltrane, an executive at Home Movie Theater and as they dive into the project, they discover that it’s not just about a television program.  They realize that they need to establish a new political party in America, resulting in the birth of the HOME Party.  They also discover the depth and reach of the ruling class into their lives and eventually learn how ruthless their methods can be.  Follow them on their journey to the new “American Revolution” as they restore Honesty, Oversight, Morality and Ethics to government.    


By Joseph W Howard  on February 7, 2016

Richard Pook's novel "Who Wants to be President" is a thoroughly enjoyable, suspense filled, intriguing look into Washington politics and how one man's vision threatens the status quo. Of course, the Washington power structure will have none of it and therein lies a story that you will find hard to put down. Given the current state of the Presidential campaigns, Mr. Pook's novel is timely and relevant more now than ever. I found Mr. Pook's creative story to be an enjoyable, exciting read and, although fiction, definitely relevant to our times. "Who Wants to be President" is an outstanding effort from a new and upcoming author who's future work is something worthy of anticipation.


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Many years ago, I realized the power of language, how some words or word combinations are much more powerful than others. I am still intrigued that mere words, symbols on a page, can make us laugh or cry or empathize or hate.

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