Somavera Sets New Standards for Precision Nutrition With Smart Multivitamins

Step into a new era of personalized nutrition with Somavera’s revolutionary smart multivitamin, precision-engineered for your unique dietary needs.


After more than five years of research and testing, Somavera proudly unveils its smart multivitamins. This innovative product delivers personalized vitamin and mineral dosages tailored to your diet.

In a world flooded with generic, one-size-fits-all multivitamins, Somavera stands apart by addressing the pitfalls of conventional supplements. Nearly 90% of the best-selling multivitamins in the U.S. fail to adequately provide essential micronutrients, undermining their role as the most relied-upon dietary supplement. Ironically, over 30% of Americans who consume vitamin or mineral supplements overdose on micronutrients. Nutritional supplement consumers face this double jeopardy, simultaneously exposed to under- and over-supplementation risks, as mass-produced products are not formulated for their individual needs.

Both inadequate and excessive nutrient intake can heighten the risk of chronic diseases, including cardiovascular diseases, neurological disorders, and cancer. Thus, dietary supplementation must balance a person’s overall nutrient intake.

Somavera employs an individual-focused approach to dietary supplementation, utilizing advanced algorithms to evaluate a person’s diet and estimate nutritional intake swiftly. This enables Somavera to provide hyper-targeted dosages of essential vitamins and minerals, optimizing nutrient intake without increasing overdose risks.

With today’s launch of our men’s smart multivitamins, we mark a new era of precision nutrition. Complete a brief diet questionnaire to unlock access to one of 32 precision-dosage men’s multivitamin formulas designed for your unique dietary pattern to ensure optimal nutrient intake. In 2024, we will introduce women’s multivitamins, continuing our mission to provide individualized nutrition solutions for everyone.

Somavera uses 98-99% whole food and microorganism-derived nutrients as active ingredients in its formulas to ensure superior nutrient bioavailability and holistic nourishment. The multivitamins are delivered monthly through a convenient subscription service, packaged in single-serving daily packets for freshness and travel-friendliness.

With Somavera’s smart multivitamins, supplement users can finally optimize their micronutrient intake with unparalleled precision.

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Somavera is at the forefront of precision nutrition, with its flagship product: the smart multivitamin. This innovative product is meticulously calibrated to deliver precise vitamin and mineral dosages optimized to each individual’s dietary pattern.

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