Somatix and Roche Partner to Bring Unique AI-Powered Remote Monitoring Solution to Dementia Patients

Somatix Celebrates Roche Collaboration

As part of Roche's "Building Tomorrow Together" initiative, run by Beta-i, Somatix has been selected to provide its SafeBeingTM AI-enabled remote patient monitoring solution in the care of dementia patients in Portugal. The "Building Tomorrow Together" program is the latest initiative by Roche to promote solutions that help improve the quality of life to people living with dementia and their caregivers. 

"At Somatix, we believe in the power of innovating AI technologies to provide insights that empower people to thrive in their health and wellness," says Dr. Charles Herman, CEO of Somatix. "We are proud to have been one of the few companies selected and believe our unique wearable remote monitoring solution addresses the three main areas of this value-based healthcare model: improving the care experience, enhancing health outcomes, and reducing overall healthcare costs."

As baby boomers begin to age, a growing number of patients and their families will be considering their options for long-term care. Ideally, utilizing a combination of remote monitoring, telehealth visits, and AI-powered insights may enable more patients to achieve the care at home or in the independent living that they desire.

Somatix has addressed this need by innovating unique artificial intelligence-enabled technology that can generate powerful clinical insights sent passively to their clinicians from a wearable worn by patients with early to mid-stage dementia, alerting to risk of dehydration, falls, and medication compliance.

"We are excited about the launch of Somatix's medication compliance capability in Portugal as part of this project and aim to demonstrate how the technology may improve the health outcomes of these patients," says Dr. Amit Sawant, COO at Somatix. "We believe that the outcome of the pilot will show true benefit to both patients, their caregivers, and the healthcare system and look forward to bringing this technology to more people around the globe."

Source: Somatix