Solving Content in 2022: Machine Learning With a Human-in-the-Loop

Scripted announces AI-integrated tools to its industry-leading content production platform.


Content Marketing in 2022 comes with several challenges. To stay competitive, businesses need to create consistent, high-quality content that performs well, and produce that content at scale, while staying within budget. Today, Scripted announces new AI-integrated tools to help marketers overcome these challenges using Scripted's industry-leading content production platform. Scripted has launched their new content creation system, combining machine learning ideation with expert writers and strategists; this is the solution to the problem that has plagued content marketing for years. 

"Every business needs great content. Enterprise-level businesses and agencies especially, need to be able to create content at scale. Our mission was to solve that problem, and we believe combining machine learning ideation with a human-in-the-loop is that solution." - Jeremy Bellinghausen, CEO

Scripted provides every customer with not only experienced writers, but also editors and content strategists to ensure their goals are at the forefront of all content created. Content strategists work with each business to create a plan that will perform well in search, is relevant to their target audience, and helps drive conversions. Next, Scripted uses machine learning technology to auto-generate content ideas around that strategy. This process, paired with content management tools, allows Scripted's customers to quickly scale any content campaign with ease.

Why not just have AI write the content?

According to ExtremeTech's review of a GPT-3 Powered AI Writing Assistant, AI-powered content falls short: "Like any limited AI, it can tell you facts and knit sentences into coherent paragraphs, but it struggles to understand. We found that the app is most useful when the writer already has a sense of narrative and all their facts straight." 

Scripted tested dozens of AI-powered content solutions to see if they could handle writing long-form industry-specific content and came to the same conclusion: The robots have not yet mastered the written word. 

What Scripted did find out is that AI was exceptional at ideation. With this insight, Scripted designed their workflow so that AI creates the content ideas while their expert writers research and produce the content. This changed everything. Scripted's clients save time and money because they no longer need to spend hours coming up with engaging content ideas. They finally have scalability.

As technology advances, Scripted plans on incorporating machine learning in all of their processes. It's their goal to use this technology to improve both the experience of the reader and refine the skills of the writer. Scripted will use AI-powered tools to spot patterns in search data to help their writers improve their content and their process. An optimized process for optimal results.

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