SolRiver Capital Energizes the Midwest With a 10MW Project in Indiana

Leading Investment Fund Enters New Markets

SolRiver's C & B Graham Energy Project

SolRiver Capital, a leading investor of renewable energy assets, has completed construction of a 10MW project in Hendricks County, Indiana. SolRiver Capital's first investment in Indiana supplies low-cost, clean energy for customers. Thanks to Solential's turnkey development and construction services, the project completed construction in the summer of 2023.

SolRiver Capital and Solential's combined expertise facilitated the project's timely construction. The 10MW project delivers long-term benefits to the Hendrick's County community, including clean energy, job creation, and economic growth. The project generates enough low-cost clean energy to power over 2,000 homes. 

"Our partnership with Solential Energy has been instrumental in bringing this project to fruition," said Riley Sullivan, Vice President of Acquisitions at SolRiver Capital. "Their turnkey development and construction services have been invaluable in delivering a high-quality project that will benefit the local community and support the growth of renewable energy in Indiana."

With a deep understanding of the renewable energy market and a commitment to sustainable development, SolRiver Capital is the ideal partner for developers looking to bring their projects to fruition. As the demand for clean energy continues to grow, SolRiver Capital remains committed to investing in projects that deliver long-term value to communities, partners, and the environment.

About SolRiver Capital:

SolRiver Capital is a specialized renewable energy investment fund dedicated to financing the acquisition, development, and construction of clean energy projects. Founded in 2016, SolRiver owns and operates solar and storage projects across the U.S., from Oregon to New York. SolRiver is led by a team of investment professionals with a proven track record of acquiring, financing, and operating renewable energy projects at scale.

About Solential:

Solential is a premier solar development and engineering firm, specializing in the development, design, engineering, and construction of solar projects across North America. Solential is committed to delivering high-quality, sustainable solutions that positively impact the environment and communities in which they operate.

Source: SolRiver Capital