Solid Asset Solutions Works to Maximize Value and Liquidity for Retail, Consumer Products and Industrial Sectors

Solid Asset Solutions

Solid Asset Solutions specializes in small to mid-size companies nationwide and has locations in Delray Beach, Tampa, Boston, Toronto and Dallas. Solid Asset Solutions has a team of highly experienced consultants to personally handle liquidations and auctions to monetize assets. 

Working with the retail, consumer products and industrial sectors, Solid Asset Solutions (SAS) aims to maximize value and liquidity. SAS clients are principally members of the financial community - including commercial lenders, private equity sponsors and turnaround professionals  - who must rely on the underlying value of certain business assets as collateral for loans, investments and divestitures. They offer valuations, monetization and advisory services. David Ordon, managing director says, “We provide reality based solutions maximizing value.”     

SAS applies its in-depth monetization experience to all valuations. SAS provides Retail Inventory, Commercial Inventory, Industrial Inventory and Machinery & Equipment valuations for the apparel, automotive, beverages, chemical, construction, electronics, food, footwear, home goods, housewares, metals, plastics, and retail industries. 

Norm Weizer, President of Solid Asset Solutions, says, “We give a personalized service that large companies simply cannot while still providing access to our team of experienced consultants with years in the industry.” Over the past decade, SAS’s management team has refined disposition processes to maximize the greatest values from the monetized assets.

David Ordon and Norm Weizer, two of the leading directors at Solid Asset Solutions have over 40+ years of experience and over 4,000 projects completed, Solid Asset Solutions are certified appraisers, licensed auctioneers and members of the National Auctioneers Association and the Commercial Finance Association. 

The SAS team includes other areas of expertise including Moss Sidell who brings 30 years of Real Estate experience specialized in commercial lease mitigation and commercial mortgage workouts. Moss has worked in all aspects of the real estate business including development, property management, brokerage and construction.

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