Solas Wealth Launches Wealth Management Business, Servicing Clients With a Needs-Focused and Relationship-Based Approach

Solas Wealth brings a new flavor of service to the wealth management space, putting the focus where it belongs — a more personal relationship with clients to uncover their goals and grow their portfolio accordingly.

Mike Komara of Solas Wealth

 Solas Wealth today announced the launch of their wealth management firm, spearheaded by industry veteran and author Mike Komara. In an industry notorious for commoditizing their customers, Solas Wealth serves clients with a more personal relationship — helping identify their financial goals and building a portfolio growth plan accordingly.

The mission to treat clients with personal attention and understanding has its roots in the firm's origin. Jana Seaman, founder of a national grief coaching organization, has helped hundreds of people heal and restore after the loss of a loved one. "Having worked with so many people to help them cope with their loss," says Seaman, "we realized that navigating the financial sphere of recovery was often challenging in the wake of these huge life changes. We wanted to be able to give our clients a trusted resource to aid them in this phase of their lives." Having searched for a wealth management resource, many of the large firms just didn't align with their mission, and Seaman partnered with Komara to launch Solas Wealth.

Komara has logged decades of experience in the wealth management industry, helping thousands grow their portfolio to fit their individual needs — detailing that work in his book Unlimited Upside: 7 Strategies that Put a New Spin on a Balanced Life. "When it comes to clients, I care about the person just as much as I do the dollars and cents. That philosophy made a partnership with Jana and her organization a perfect fit," says Komara.

According to financial services expert Paulette Filion, 90% of women will have to make financial decisions alone at some point in their lives as they outlive their husband and inherit from their parents, but 80% of widows switch financial advisors within a year of their husband's death, for several reasons cited by Filion, including:

"I hardly knew him. He spoke mostly to my husband."
"He treated me like I was an extension of my husband."
"I just couldn't relate to him; all he spoke about was rates of return."
"He didn't really listen to me, and I felt patronized when I asked questions."
"He assumed that the account would stay with him - I found that offensive."

While widows and divorcees are often underserved and unsatisfied with their financial planners, Solas Wealth will be a beacon to a wide variety of clientele. Komara continues, "We're excited to serve that group as an extension of our partnership with United in Assignment. But our mission to put the focus on the client relationship and their needs is a refreshing alternative to other choices in our space. We offer everyone sound financial growth strategies modeled to help them achieve their individual goals."

About Solas Wealth:

Solas Wealth is a wealth management and financial planning firm located in Naples, Florida. Our mission is to light the way forward so clients have clarity on their next steps that will bring them closer to experiencing the abundant life they envision for themselves. Solas Wealth exists to advise and manage clients' assets so they can experience the freedom and joy that comes with financial independence. The result is greater peace of mind and confidence in knowing your finances and investments are on track to support whatever goal or dream you want to pursue. Solas Wealth enjoys seeing our clients experience new levels of prosperity, peace of mind, confidence, and freedom. For more information, visit

About Jana Seaman:

Jana's passion is helping people through the gap of transition — going from where they find themselves today and arriving to the life that they truly desire. Her programs and philosophies are developed from the streets of real-life experience. She's developed a system, strategy, and playbook after having to pick up the pieces after losing her husband during a grueling fifteen-month leukemia battle. She and her team of Grief and Loss Coaches have now used these systems and strategies to impact people across the country and now reaching and lifting people up from around the world. If you have experienced a tragic loss, you have reached a spot of transition in your life — an important moment that defines who you will be as you step into your next chapter and determines the quality of how you will live the remainder of your days on this earth. For more information, visit


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