Solar Site Developers Leases Site in MA to SunRay Power for Dual Use Solar Project

SunRay Power, LLC, leases site in MA from Solar Site Developers, LLC to develop and construct a 2MW solar array designed to provide electricity to low income customers

MA Solar Site

Solar Site Developers announces a site lease in MA to SunRay Power, LLC of NY to construct a 2MW dual use solar project on existing agricultural land. The energy produced by the project will be sold to low income customers.

Alana Martell, managing member of SunRay Power says working with Solar Site Developers provides a head start in the development process. "They have control of the land and conduct preliminary due diligence, saving time and resources in vetting potential solar sites."

Solar Site Developers, LLC, controls and provides pre-vetted DG and utility scale solar sites that are tailored to help companies achieve solar project goals in the mid-Atlantic states and New England. They have a current pipeline of over 1,100 acres primed for both community and utility scale solar development in NY, MA, PA, CT and RI.

SunRay Power, LLC, is a 100% woman-owned solar finance, developer, owner and operator of over 80 commercial and small utility scale solar projects across North America. The company was founded in 2010.

Source: Solar Site Developers


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