Solar Energy Storage From Jamar Power Systems Can Protect Homeowners During Power Outages

Solar battery backup systems keep the power on

​​​In 2019, millions of California residents and businesses experienced a 23% increase in power outages with an average duration of nearly two days, according to Bloom Energy.

Bloom Energy predicts that the number of power outages and those who it impacts are expected to grow in 2020 and beyond, as the public utility companies undertake more planned Public Safety Power Shut-offs (PSPS).

California's three public utility companies state that planned power shut-offs are a safety measure to prevent the power lines in an aging electric grid from starting wildfires and threatening people's lives during extreme dry, hot weather, and days with severe, gusty winds.

Power outages can threaten people and businesses. The at-risk population of less mobile older citizens, those with health conditions or who need oxygen or other medical equipment, and people with an in-home business are just a few examples of those who require uninterrupted electric power.

One solution is a solar energy system coupled with battery storage. Smart solar inverter technology advancements have made it possible for a system to automatically isolate itself as an independent electric grid in the event of a utility power outage and continue to power a home using the solar panels and batteries.

"There are many reasons why homeowners may need or wish to protect themselves from electric power outages, and with solar energy storage systems, they now have a choice to and the tools to do just that," says Phil Edwards, President of Jamar Power Systems.

These smart inverters also protect utility workers by not sending power to the utility grid during power outages.

It may come as a surprise to many people, but homes and businesses with traditional solar energy systems and inverters will lose their electric power during utility power outages. The two main reasons for this are:

1) the standard inverters are not able to isolate themselves from the electric grid.

2) as a result, they're programmed to shut off during a power outage, so they don't send power into the grid and endanger the utility workers who are making repairs.

In 2001, the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) enacted a Self-Generated Incentive Program (SGIP) that provides rebates for installing energy storage technology. Today, in 2020, it has authorized funding for more than $1 billion in SGIP rebates for installations of battery backup power systems for organizations, small businesses, and homeowners. 

SGIP rebates range from providing between 25 and nearly 100 percent of the costs of battery storage systems, depending on several factors. Eligibility is based on several criteria. More information can be found at

If your home or business needs or wants uninterrupted electric power during utility power outages, then you may wish to explore solar energy storage systems as a solution. 

You can learn more about solar battery backup systems and generators at the Jamar Power Systems website and their article on Solar Energy Storage Systems.

Source: Jamar Power Systems


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