Software Resolves Repair My PST Issue In All Corruption Cases- Survey Result

Survey conducted showed that Repair my PST issue of users, who faced different types corruption in their PST file, got successfully resolved with Outlook Recovery software. This software can handle all types of corruption in their PST file.

Gothenburg, Sweden- Some days ago, survey results showed that Outlook Recovery software is capable of resolving repair my PST issue of different users in all corruption cases. Users among which, survey was conducted, were facing Outlook PST corruption issues due to different reasons. For e.g. 40% were facing PST corruption due to bad sectors of hard disk, 30% were facing PST corruption due to malfunctioning, 25 % were facing PST corruption due to PST over sizing and 5 % were facing PST corruption due to virus infections but, the software performed an unstoppable PST file repair process during all corruption situations. None of those corruption situations was time consuming for the software, repair my PST issue of users got resolved in very less time. During resolution of repair my PST issue, the software did not make changes to any PST information; folders structure remained actual, email subject remained actual, email attachments remained actual, etc.

Evan Swans (Director, Product Development) said, "We tested our Outlook Recovery in all types of PST corruptions and the software passed every test successfully. We were little worried about data changes in repair PST file process but, the software didn't make changes to the attachments and properties of data during recovery process. We also conducted test on the recovery speed of software and the software passed that as well. Users can repair PST file of all Outlook versions with this software."

Joseph Cain, Head of Support Department, said, "With the help of surveys, feedbacks, online forums, cases studies, etc we get to know about different usages of users. Recently, when we conducted a survey among different users on PST corruption issue, we got to know that our Outlook Recovery software could resolve all types PST corruptions. Some of those users were facing critical corruption in their PST file but, the software resolved that as well."