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Book: Timeless Laws of Software Development

Software Renovation Corporation is pleased to announce that the book Timeless Laws of Software Development has just received a Silver Award from the Nonfiction Book Awards. The book also appears in the list "Best Software Development Books of All Time" published online by BookAuthority, a service that ranks the best books in the world.

Timeless Laws of Software Development clearly explains the fundamental, universal laws and practices that facilitate high-quality software design and implementation. The book is intended for software project managers, team leads, architects, and developers of all experience levels.

The author, Jerry Fitzpatrick, writes: "Most programs have dreadful quality. If a program is rotten on the inside, the rot will inevitably show through to the outside."

Jerry Fitzpatrick is a senior consultant and instructor. He has developed software for many industries and has taught programming techniques to hundreds of professional developers. He is also a pioneer in voice-mail technology and the inventor of the ABC software metric.

Timeless Laws of Software Development is available for purchase at booksellers worldwide. For more information, contact us at

Source: Software Renovation Corporation

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