Software Concepts Inc. Offers Affordable Subscription Model for Small Distributors

A total cloud solution including DS90 iSeries Software and hosting for less than $400/month

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​​​​​​​​​​Software Concepts, Inc. has introduced an affordable entry-level subscription model of its DS90 iSeries Distribution and Accounting Software for small distributors. A price as low as $175/month provides software licensing for three users - only $58.25/month per user.

Powerful DS90 iSeries Software

The function-rich DS90 iSeries Software is a budget-friendly ERP solution developed to meet the needs of growing businesses. An intuitive, easy to use interface enables quick ramp-up. The ability to mask functionality until needed makes the DS90 iSeries Distribution Software easy to learn and highly scalable.

The DS90 iSeries solution is no lightweight, though. A full-featured Quote-to-Cash system, it includes the key capabilities of higher end ERP applications. Robust functionality right out of the box meets the needs of businesses for today and as their software needs expand. To improve productivity and control, activate the myriad functionality embedded in the DS90 iSeries software. Manage inventory across multiple locations by simply turning on location capability. Expose EDI functionality to accept and transmit orders for large retailers.

DS90 iSeries Distribution Software can integrate easily with other technologies, software and services. Created for the independent small business, the software easily adapts to handle unique workflows and in-house systems. The highly-intuitive user interface offers administrators the ability to nimbly manage user access to specific functionality and data.

With the ability to configure their own navigation and menu structure to accommodate individual work patterns, the user interface also enables users to acclimate quickly. Users can retain the standard interface or select a modern Windows-based GUI.

Licensing and Hosting Options

While a subscription model carries minimal up-front capital investment, the ideal licensing option for each business depends on their unique situation. The powerful DS90 iSeries Software works equally well whether it's hosted on-premise via an IBM i Power System or in an IBM i cloud. Software Concepts offers various licensing solutions, including a standard perpetual license (one-time purchase) and lower cost subscription models.

DS90 iSeries Software
Mix and match to suit your needs

License Buy (perpetual license) Rent (subscription-based)
Hosting On your server In the cloud

While the Software Concepts entry-level subscription price of $175/month provides software licensing for three users, licenses for additional users can be added in quantities based on a company's specific needs, rather than in pre-bundled groups of users.

"Try before you buy" flexible licensing allows customers an opportunity to test-drive the DS90 iSeries Distribution Software via a subscription licensing model, with the option to migrate to a perpetual license if desired.

Cloud hosting is provided through an IBM Power System (IBM i) private partition for users that elect to host in the cloud. The monthly fee of $211.32* includes the following:

  • Memory: 4 GB of memory​
  • Disk space: 500 GB of disk space​
  • Backup: 250 GB of backup within the data center ​
  • Redundancy: Nightly backup copy to a separate data center​
  • Firewall: vShield Edge VPN firewall​
  • Users: Supports 5-10 users (based on typical workloads)

The following IBM software is pre-loaded on the partition:

  • Choice of currently supported IBM i operating systems
  • Compilers and application development tools
  • BRMS backup, Query, PSF and SQL Development Tools
  • IBM i Access Family
  • Plus other IBM i licensed programs

Additionally, an IBM software maintenance agreement (SWMA) is included to keep users' IBM i software stack updated.

Implementation and Support

Software Concepts serves as a remote IT team, providing implementation, integration, training and support and bringing together all pieces of the technology puzzle.

Their expert implementation team is dedicated to getting subscribers' platform and software operational — efficiently and completely. Skilled support is available to provide platform setup, integration, data migration, application training and education.

Customers can count on thoroughly planned, tested and flawlessly executed implementations that integrate with all of a business' applications, including in-house systems, EDI interfaces, eCommerce platform and shipping software. Not only does Software Concepts ensure that all pieces of their clients' technology puzzle work successfully, they provide expert advice and helpful resources to help clients make the best technology-related business decisions on equipment and configurations.

Exceptional training is delivered with efficiency when, where and how customers want it. By copying users' live data into their training environment, Software Concepts simulates their own workplace setup, so users can experiment and practice without fear and accelerate ramp-up.

Support for DS90 iSeries Software is provided by US-based, knowledgeable technician employees with the highest level of expertise.

Want to learn more? Contact Software Concepts to arrange a demo.

*The charge of $211.32 is based on a three year term. Charges for a one year term are slightly higher. Pricing is subject to change at any time.

About Software Concepts Inc.

Software Concepts offers comprehensive, scalable business software which streamlines workflows and improves productivity for independent and emerging businesses. The integrated suite of services can be tailored to meet the unique needs of a particular small business environment.

With accounting applications and functionality to support distribution, light manufacturing or a small business' unique operations model, DS90 iSeries Software provides the key functionality of higher end ERP solutions, without their complexity or high price. Flexible licensing alternatives allow customers to try out the software via a subscription licensing model, with the option to migrate to a standard (perpetual) license.

Unlike many other software vendors, Software Concepts developed the software that they install and support. Since 1991, Software Concepts has served as the IT partner for their clients, providing expert guidance and hands-on, comprehensive support from planning through implementation and as their needs grow.

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About Software Concepts, Inc.

DS90 iSeries software offers the key functionality of a high-end ERP application, without the complexity or high price. With accounting and distribution functionality, it improves productivity and streamlines operations for small businesses.

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