Software Companies Developing More Mobile Databases for Small and Medium Sized Businesses

Custom software developers are mobilizing enterprise data management systems for laptops, tablets, and smartphones to enable executives to run their businesses from virtually anywhere.

To the Cloud or to the iPad? Mobile Device adoption rates are running 42 percent higher than Cloud Computing adoption rates, according to Techaisle, a research firm that tracks future business trends. Around the globe, the explosion of highly mobile "tablet-ized" applications is revolutionizing the way businesses interact with their central databases.

"The highest growth rates for spending on data mobility solutions were organizations with 10-19 employees and 100-249 employees. In the U.S., 8 out of 10 small to medium sized businesses implementing mobile solutions or are planning to do so in the next year," Techaisle said.

It appears "iPad-ization," is more than a just a social media phenomenon; it is also fast becoming a business strategy increasingly adopted by companies to save time and money in today's economic environment. Using iOS4, JAVA and other mobile access tools with an iPad, Droid or iPhone, workers on-the-go can easily view and edit records within a central database.

ACG Technologies, a leading provider of innovative software development services is launching its new Database Mobility Practice to assist businesses in all industries in the race to "mobile-up."

According to Ron Longfellow, ACG Business Development VP, "The primary mission of our new mobility practice is to implement technical solutions to improve mobile-data performance for small to medium-sized organizations." Longfellow adds, "The new ACG Database Mobility services will enable our clients to publish their databases to the web so key personnel can access real-time reports, check inventory in the warehouse, manage event calendars, or update the status of a project. Basically, run their business from virtually anywhere anytime."

For the past decade, ACG Technologies has focused on two core areas of expertise: Database Development and Web Applications. ACG President Chris Quinn explained, "Our in-house database programmers and web developers have teamed up to create the new Database Mobility Practice utilizing mobile technologies like iOS4, PHP, JAVA, SQL Anywhere, Custom Web Publishing (CWP) and Instant Web Publishing (IWP). Devices such as iPads, iPhones, Droids and other smartphones have SDK's which allow us to tailor applications to the platform and business need."
Quinn continued, "This makes information residing on a PC or Mac accessible on a tablet or smartphone using a local wireless network or over the Internet via Wi-Fi or 4G. All changes are instantly updated allowing you to view, edit, and search your central information from your mobile device. This translates to greater speed, accuracy and flexibility, any one of which is a significant competitive business advantage."

Tech analysts believe the iPad stands next to the mobile phone and the PC as among the most important business innovations of the last 50 years. Mobile-data trends are projected to accelerate through the decade with unrivaled potential for mobile workers in every area.

Top 5 Benefits of Extending Network Access to Mobile Employees:

1) iPad as a Presentation Tool - Include real-time data plus look slick and up-to-date on the iPad. Sales professionals will wow clients and stand out from the competition.

2) Showing off your Website - Showcase previous projects, enter prospect information, calculate costs and close the deal!

3) Improving Field Sales and Service - Taking inventory or collecting data, field sales or service techs can immediately respond to customer questions about order status or detailed pricing. No more "I need to call the office," or "I'll get back to you on that."

4) Healthcare Practitioners - Doctors can now securely review or share e-health records with patients, hospitals, clinics, and emergency rooms.

5) Remote and Mobile Workers in all Walks of Life - Finally, whether you're a field utility worker, salesperson, doctor or anyone who works remotely and needs "always-on" access to your data, an ACG Database Mobility app can help you Go!

Navigating today's rapidly changing mobile-data environment is not easy for any business. Techaisle categorized the responders into three groups: Aggressive Adopters, Steady Movers and Fence Sitters. Nearly 17 percent fall into the Aggressive Adopters category. They are the ones with the highest near term adoption rates of smartphones and tablets.

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