Softcube: Real­time, Modular Product Recommendation Elements for Ecommerce

Softcube is product block for ecommerce site which increases revenue to 15-20% from the same traffic volume. Each site user is provided with individual product offer based on his previous interests, processed through data analysis system. No configuration and programmers help: you get service after installing just one line of code.

Softcube ­ an Ecommerce product recommendation company with operations in Europe and the USA ­ is introducing Ecommerce tools that analyze clicks and customer interactions in real time ­ literally as fast as you can blink an eye. In 100 milliseconds, Softcube’s data filtering technologies analyze the significance of every click. Customer interaction data is constantly filtered to power a collection of personalized product recommendation elements. These elements ­ such as “Trending Right Now” or “Items on Sale Based on Shopping History” ­ can be placed on any page of an online shopping site and are tailored by Softcube to look right at home with each store’s carefully crafted image.

Softcube’s elements are like ingredients in the chef’s kitchen. They empower chef­marketers and chef­business professionals to spice up a delicious meal to please any palate. They allow online shops to test out new recipes to increase conversion rates and provide relevant product recommendations to customers. Every market is unique; shoppers will respond differently to an element featuring trending dental floss than they will to an element highlighting trending bikinis in the new summer collection. This is why Softcube’s pantry of elements are designed to be swapped and combined by online shops in their own unique way.

Optimization is the key to high­quality product recommendations. Softcube is constantly working behind the scenes to perfect the algorithms that enable businesses to optimize their sales and marketing potential. The modularity of Softcube’s elements lets online shops iterate and evolve as they develop a winning product recommendation blend.

Clients are partners at Softcube, and listening is essential to Softcube’s philosophy. Partner feedback leads to improved services and ensures that product development is informed by serious business needs. Everyone can benefit by sharing product insights ­ what elements are working for them, how they are most effectively used, and what shortcomings exist. This is why Softcube encourages a collaborative approach to personalization and customization in Ecommerce. It’s not just about collaborative filtering. It’s about bringing together big data and outstanding partners. Softcube is inspired by collaborating with online shops to find the perfect recipe for product recommendation success.