Social Media Network ELLO Inspires New Book By Author/Illustrator JC Little

Award-winning story artist and children's book author JC Little has drawn on the picture-book format to create her first book on social media exclusively for grownups - ELLO MONKEY: Reanimating Social Media.

Written in “captain’s log” form, the book is a three-month slice of the Ello beta experience, with a heavy dose of satire and humor, and illustrated in JC’s signature style.

"Just when I thought The Internet was dead, a new and supposedly different kind of social media network popped up and caught my eye : Ello. I am an animator, so naturally, drawings of monkeys ensued."

"It is only fitting that the first "how to" book I've read on Ello presents itself in such a beautifully creative, but entirely unconventional way. If you are new to Ello, or (already) an Ello veteran, you absolutely MUST read this thoughtful guide. Careful though, you may die laughing - in a good way."

Thomas Hawk, Photographer

JC Little explores the at times imperfect, but oh-so-inspiring world of Ello's early adopter community in a humorous and satirical collection of impressions and reflections. ELLO MONKEY is a celebration of human foibles in its depiction of a collective user-shift away from the colossally impersonal social media giants.  With playful drawings of monkeys and a liberal sprinkling of F-bombs, the artist breathes new life into digital publishing with this eBook.

ELLO MONKEY: Reanimating Social Media  by JC Little, is available now in PDF and MOBI on Gumroad and on Amazon for Kindle.

Here’s what others are already saying about ELLO MONKEY:

"It is only fitting that the first "how to" book I've read on Ello presents itself in such a beautifully creative, but entirely unconventional way."
Thomas Hawk, photographer

“JC Little’s ELLO MONKEY part manual and part cheeky early adopter diary – is not only valuable for those new to Ello, but it has inspired this early adopter to reembrace the platform. It reminds me what I love most about social media: social connection.”

– Elan Morgan, screenwriter & author of Citizen of the Month

 "Ello opened up a world of possibilities in how we think about social media.  Whether you are an Ello user or not, you will enjoy JC’s humorous enthusiasm for the online community."

– Neil Kramer, screenwriter & author of Citizen of the Month

"ELLO MONKEY impishly explains how a home away from home can be full of monkey business, ad-free popcorn, friendly fEllos, and meaningful conversations. JC Little is hilarious."

Susan Caney-Peterson, writer

About JC Little

Montreal-based JC Little is an author, illustrator and animation director, with a career spanning more than 30 years. Her background includes new media, feature films, commercials, and the Disney-syndicated and Gemini-nominated kids’ TV series My Life Me.

She is best known online as The Animated Woman and draws regularly for her personal blog of the same name. Her books for children of all ages include The Last Snowman, Motherhood, and PickleWeasel Picture Riddles.

JC lives in a messy house with her lovely British husband and three fantastically opinionated children.

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