Social Links Announces the Launch of Gamayun for Online Open-Source Investigations


Social Links, a Netherlands-based IT company, providing OSINT solutions for law enforcement divisions, cybersecurity operations, and major corporations worldwide, is pleased to announce the launch of its new online platform for open-source investigations: Gamayun. Having successfully concluded the test period for the beta version of the solution, the full commercial version of the all-new Gamayun will finally become available to customers from May 5, 2021.

This innovative platform has been specially developed as a highly convenient solution for conducting open-source investigations across a range of user types, being suitable not just for OSINT professionals, but also novices and independent investigators, for whom the use of OSINT technologies and tools needs to be simple and accessible.

Gamayun has been painstakingly designed to meet these requirements: featuring advanced data extraction technologies which deliver the most dynamic methods for conducting open-source investigations using a web-based format, which has been specifically optimized to simplify investigations, run quick analyses, gain relevant reports, and deliver a user-experience of maximum convenience and effectiveness.

The central features include the ability to extract specific information from social networks, analyze connections between people, and generate instant reports on all completed work, which provides useful investigative documentation, and summaries which trace the user's OSINT activities. Other features are soon to be added, such as the ability to search for a subject by geolocation and visualize result data on timelines and maps.

"This product has been designed to celebrate the central ideas and values of OSINT. With the exponential growth of open data in recent years, the utility of open-source investigation has become increasingly apparent, encompassing a variety of fields and objectives, as well as an ever-broadening user-base including professionals as well as OSINT beginners and independent investigators. In developing Gamayun, we have distilled our extensive experience in developing commercial OSINT products with our profound and responsive attention to customer feedback and user experience, to create a solution that makes working with open data no more difficult than ordering pizza or using Uber."

- Social Links CEO Andrey Kulikov.

The Gamayun online platform will have great utility in areas such as human resources, corporate security, law enforcement, media and journalism, insurance, independent private investigations, and other fields which require verification and information extraction from open data. The product's intuitive web interface requires no special certificates or professional OSINT skills, representing a fulfillment of our mission with Gamayun: to make a sphere which is usually considered the exclusive domain of professionals, available for all. 

About Social Links

Social Links is a software developer dedicated to creating cutting-edge open-source intelligence tools for conducting investigations in a wide variety of publicly available sources, including social media and open platforms, public databases, darknet and deep web, blockchain networks, and many others, that are widely used by law enforcement agencies and corporations around the world.

Media Contact:
Natalia Grebeniuk 
Head of Communications

Source: Social Links