So Many Swipes, So Little Time

Schoold college search app installed by 800,000 stat-swiping students during the spring semester

Schoold announced that since the February 2016 release of its top-ranking college search app, over 800,000 college-bound students and parents had downloaded the app and collectively swiped left or right on 3.5 million college stats during just the spring semester.

“Searching for college is a healthy addiction,” said Schoold Founder and Chief Executive Sourabh Ahuja, who previously developed smartphone games at Glu Mobile, the maker of such titles as Deer Hunter and Kim Kardashian: Hollywood.

“Obsessing about your future is time better spent than, say, looking for Pokemon,” Ahuja said.

Half of teenagers feel addicted to their mobile devices, according to a 2016 Common Sense Media survey, which is why Schoold seeks to steal some of the screen time students spend on social media and games. Schoold engages its users with hard-to-find college data, such as the expected first-year salary a student might earn, depending on major, at each of over 2000 undergraduate institutions.

New Investors

Schoold also announced it has accepted additional investment capital in advance of the fall admissions season. New investors include Learn Capital, Social Capital, University Ventures, and Professor Joe Grundfest of Stanford Law School.  The total amount raised remains undisclosed and will be used to extend and introduce new core functionality to the Schoold app in advance of the fall college application season.

“The Schoold team is a powerful combination of veteran educators and mobile game developers,” said Schoold President Joe Ross. “We are delighted to be joined in our mission of democratizing access to higher education.”


Schoold is a private technology company empowering students and families to plan their academic futures. The top-ranking Schoold app is available for free at the App Store, Google Play and the Amazon Kindle Store. Learn more at

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