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Snowboarding has become one of the most fantastic and popular sports for winter. provides all the information about snowboarding.

The major reason for its popularity is the endorsement that it is more than a sport and requires less equipment than skiing.

Snowboarding can be a challenging sport for beginners and it is more inviting to the winter holidays.

Snowboarding was first invented by an American surfer Sherman Poppen in 1965.

This sport was inspired by skiing, surfing and sledding.

Although snowboarding is new to the sports world, yet it is widely popular across the world.

In the beginning of this sport, it was considered to be an annoying pastime on the ski slopes, and it was banned.

However, this did not stop its popularity by the snowboarding enthusiasts.

By the time 1989, the snowboarding was welcomed by the ski resorts and changed their policy as the sports were amazingly gaining popularity.

The skill required in the sport prompted the International Olympics Committee to include it as a competitive sport in 1994.

In 1998, the first snowboarding events took place in Japan for Olympics at the competitive level.

Snowboarders enjoy this sport as a recreational activity.

They balance their weight on the board going downhill.

They have to ensure that the boots are securely attached to the board and not get separated.

They move by shifting their weight from side to side to turn unlike skiing where the poles are used to propel forward.

The most used place for snowboarding gear is at designated places like ski resorts.

But snowboarding can be done anywhere at any place if it is a sloped hill that is covered with snow keeping in mind that trees are potentially dangerous to snowboarders.

Snowboarding is popular among families as it is among athletes.

The reason for this is the fact that children love snowboarding as it is easy and demands enthusiasm.

One of the main reasons that it is so popular is because snowboarders can do flips on them with comparatively great ease than on skis.

It is famous for the several flips like barrel rolls and back flips that riders perform on boards.

Snowboarding has been a part of Olympics winter games for around 14 years due to its competitive edge and wide popularity. is a great place to know all about snowboarding as this website provides everything you need to know about snowboarding.