SnowBall Brothers 4 Life: Homophobia and Racism Are Alive and Well in This Town

Christopher M. Spence's latest work offers a refreshing yet insightful, timely perspective into mental health, hoop dreams, homophobia and racism. "SnowBall-Brothers4Life" suggests the kind of issues that are covered in a triumphant yet heart stopping YA novel. The novel is inspired by the courage of Jason Collins the NBA center who, on April 29, 2013 became the first active male professional athlete in a major North American team sport to come out publicly as gay.

Jake and Mac are best friends. They are a sensational teammates both on and off the court.  Since their early years they have been brothers for life, who share life, secrets and college hoop dreams, but everything changes one night and their friendship is put to the test when Mac is seemingly betrayed by Jake.

What makes this novel a must read is, how these issues impact our life and those we love, and how they bravely overcome, often silently, the social ills that plague our society regarding inclusion and relationships.

"A gripping, emotional, and thought-provoking novel that explores unresolved issues of race, gender, and sexual orientation; provokes the reader to explore deeply sociological issues and to come away with a deeper understanding and acceptance of the differences that define us. An absorbing, important book that should not be missed!" The Columbia Review.

“SnowBall” is expected to further deepen the conversation, research, and, lastly, the investment in the subjects of mental health, homophobia and racism that contributes to enduring change. The recent gay bashing from an NBA star player towards an NBA referee is further evidence there is much work to be done.

Christopher M Spence is a father, author, filmmaker, former professional football player and educator.  He has been dedicated to improving the student experience, creating links to the community, and supporting innovation. He has won many awards for his outstanding contributions to education and the community.

His recent writing credits include Dear B How to Survive and Thrive In High School written with his daughter Briana and Touchdown In the Classroom written with his son Jacob.


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