Snoop Robinson Presents Why Good Girls Become Bad Boys

​​Snoop Robinson is proud to present a new play by Danielle Roberson, entitled Why Good Girls Become Bad Boys. The play is powered by Terrell Entertainment, LLC. and marketed by Ski Johnson Enterprise, LLC. From January 9-10, 2016, Why Good Girls Become Bad Boys will be presented at the Warner Theatre on 513 13th Street NW, Washington, DC, 20004.

Why Good Girls Become Bad Boys is a realistic look into the transformation women undergo when they experience love, loss, career pursuits, maintaining a spiritual connection to God, friendship and more. This is an intimate journey into the impact the decisions and pains of life has on a woman’s psyche and how who she is, or feels she needs to be, can be changed into something it was never meant to be.

This play is for all ages and has a message of forgiveness, growth, accountability and sisterhood that both men and women will relate to and be enriched by. Why Good Girls Become Bad Boys will have you laughing hysterically, dancing in your seat, witnessing, and crying. But best of all, it brings a unique combination of social and spiritual entertainment that can be enjoyed by all.

Why Good Girls Become Bad Boys features Tamika Scott from the R&B group Xscape, Carl Anthony Payne from the sitcom Martin, and award-winning vocalist Emerald Khan. The play also includes Gospel Singer Timothy Bowman, Jr. and his wife Brelyn. In October 2015, the Bowman’s wedding went viral online after Brelyn presented her father, Pastor Michael Freeman, with a ‘Purity Certificate’ signed off by a physician. The viral video received nationwide coverage.

Danielle Roberson is an accomplished singer, writer, actress, and producer. Ms. Roberson is no stranger to the stage. She competed in the Miss America system for over five years winning nearly every talent competition. After she completed her pageantry years she focused on singing, acting, and establishing her company, Perpetual Innovations Entertainment, LLC. Ms. Roberson’s entertainment company has successfully produced over 50 productions spanning from stage plays, pageants, and comedy shows to major concerts.

There are three ways to purchase tickets for Why Good Girls Become Bad Boys:

·         Call 1-800-551-7328;      

          Online at Live Nation

·         In-person at the Warner Theatre Box Office.

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