Sniper Babes Hires Nikki Bishop, Lori Adele and More Than 20 New Model / Promo Specialist

Sniper Babes is America's only pro-gun promotions and modeling company. Sniper Babes has hired more than 20 new model / promotions specialists. These include a doctor, nurses, A former Playboy Cyber girl and a Hooters calendar girl and many college s

Sniper Babes aka SniperBabesdotcom is America's only pro-gun promotions and modeling company. Sniper Babes strives to get more women and children involved in the shooting sports. Sniper Babes encourages the training, safe handling and proper storage of weapons by shooters and non-shooters alike. Sniper Babes is a rapidly growing company as evidence by the recent hire of more than 20 modeling / promotions specialist.

Sniper Babes recently hired Nikki Bishop. Nikki is well known as a Playboy Cyber girl. She also boasts an extensive resume in modeling and promotions work all over the USA. Sniper Babes also welcomed Lori Adele to their ranks. Lori has a number of credits in modeling to her name. Not the least of which is her work in the 2007 Hooters calendar. These models actively support the second amendment.

In addition to Nikki and Lori, Sniper Babes has added more than 20 other new model / promotions specialist. They have a wide variety of backgrounds and professions including a doctor, a nurse, a banking professional. Many of Sniper Babes new hires are active college students as well.

Sniper Babes website is packed with detailed information about what they do. The Sniper Babes website includes a full line of products featuring these models. These products include calendars, posters, pictures, t-shirts, mouse pads, hats and much more. Sniper Babes models are also available for live promotional work and feature appearances. Sniper Babes offers custom made co-branded products to the shooting industry. Sniper Babes products are available to distributors and retailers at wholesale pricing as well. The Sniper Babes website has free videos showing the models at work and at play as well.


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