SNIPEE - Cheaper Than Diapers

Tired of cleaning the bathroom after your boys? Try SNIPEE.

SNIPEE is a disposable, stress-free potty training game for boys that is cheaper than diapers and environmentally friendly as well. It expands on the existing global baby diapers market and links necessity with fun.

Stress-Free Potty Training

Boys take much longer to potty train than girls. They love their newly found freedom and end up peeing on everything: the walls, the floor, the toilet seat, etc. As a result, many parents spend valuable time cleaning the bathroom after every bathroom adventure with their boys. SNIPEE helps boys pee independently while keeping the bathroom clean. It is small and can be carried discreetly to the bathroom, unlike a portable toilet seat or a diaper changing bag. SNIPEE keeps boys’ hands clean, and anything else that they would normally touch after using the restroom. SNIPEE was invented with safety in mind. It’s easy to hold and has a durable design for inexperienced users.

Developmental Advantages

Some children are ready to start toilet training at 2 years old, while others will get anxious about making a mess. SNIPEE is fun and cool, and little boys love their independence when using it. In fact, being preschool-ready on time is parents’ top priority and, with SNIPEE, little boys achieve this goal faster. It’s important that boys accomplish the ability to go potty is a positive way, without their parents’ intrusive interference.

Doing Our Part For Mother Earth

We look out for all mothers, and Mother Earth is no different. An average child uses thousands of diapers in their lifetime. Boys WET their diapers 10-20 times a day versus SOILING their diapers only one to three times a day. Discarded disposable diapers make up 15% of landfill sites, and takes approximately 450 years to decompose. SNIPEE could reduce that burden by 25%.

SNIPEE Campaign

On Wednesday, Nov. 20, we are launching our first Kickstarter campaign that would offer a LIMITED EDITION SNIPEE package that would include all three SNIPEE themes - Space Rocket, Submarine and Pirate Ship - for pledging $10.

SNIPEE is available for backorders online at

SNIPEE will be available at online marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, and Etsy at the beginning of 2020

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