Snap-O-Razzo Hot Dogs Debuts New “Big Fatty” Beefy Butcher Dog on Retail Shelves in Over 10 States

Announcing the launch of the first-of-its-kind Beefy Butcher hot dog and expansion of Snap-O-Razzo Hot Dogs retail to over 10 states in Spring 2024. Plus, their biggest retail sale promotion is active in Nevada, Colorado, and Utah until April.

Snap-O-Razzo Beefy Butcher Dogs

Chef Ralph Perrazzo, Owner/Creator of the 100% American-owned company Snap-O-Razzo Hot Dogs, is proud to announce Snap-O-Razzo Hot Dogs is expanding to over 10 states across the U.S. in Kroger Family of Companies locations in some of the biggest hot-dog-loving states including California, Texas, Tennessee, Georgia, Illinois, Ohio, and Wisconsin beginning May. Snap-O-Razzo also debuts their newest hot dog creation – the skinless “Big Fatty” Beefy Butcher Dog. 

Plus, their largest retail sale discount is active while supplies last through early April for Snap-O-Razzo hot dogs currently on shelf in select Smith’s, King Soopers, and City Market stores in Nevada, Colorado, and Utah.

Chef Ralph Perrazzo reinvents the classic American hot dog experience in multiple styles. He uses premium ingredients and naturally smokes over maple wood for a nostalgic flavor that stirs up fond childhood memories of a time when quality hot dogs were prolific. With the launch of the skinless Big Fatty Beefy Butcher Dog, he brings a one-of-a-kind wiener to the market.

“The Beefy Butcher Dog is the only hot dog ever created where you can see fresh onion and garlic pieces,” says Perrazzo. “They accentuate the natural sweetness of the beef and make these hot dogs extra floral.”

The Beefy Butcher Dogs are maple wood smoked, made with quality meat, and stuffed in vegetable cellulose casings during smoking for a snappy bite you don’t often find on a non-cased hot dog. It’s a sugar-free hot dog with a buttery umami flavor with sweetness from fresh onion and garlic.

“It tastes like a charred, buttery steak when grilled or griddled,” says Perrazzo. “I’m excited for families across America to taste this new creation this spring and summer at their barbeques.”

Along with their new hot dog, Snap-O-Razzo offers their Spinner Snaps Roasted Jalapeño Wieners in Kroger, Ralph’s, Roundy’s and Mariano’s beginning this spring. These are uniquely made with fresh roasted jalapeños for the crowd that craves a balanced, roasted, spicy flair. 

With no MSG, fillers, additives, unnatural beef flavors, or gluten, Snap-O-Razzo hot dogs make you feel good, not guilty.

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About Snap-O-Razzo Hot Dogs

Snap-O-Razzo is a quality-focused national hot dog company created by Chef Ralph Perrazzo, a critically acclaimed chef and restaurateur. With a commitment to culinary craftsmanship, juicy and well-balanced Snap-O-Razzo hot dogs are distributed across America via foodservice, retail, and e-commerce. Snap-O-Razzo hot dogs can be found in stadiums, grocery and convenience stores, hotels and casinos, restaurants and more. Visit:

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About Snap-O-Razzo Hot Dogs, LLC

Snap-O-Razzo is a quality-focused national hot dog company with a commitment to culinary craftsmanship, created by Chef Ralph Perrazzo, a born and raised New Yorker and critically acclaimed chef and restaurateur.

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