SMWW Offers Name, Image, & Likeness (NIL) Deal to All 520,000 NCAA and NAIA Athletes

"No athlete left behind"

Dr. Lynn Lashbrook, SMWW President

Athletes across the nation are on the fast track to learning about Name, Image, and Likeness deals. With over half a million college athletes, (460,000 NCAA and over 60,000 NAIA), classes and seminars on college campuses are evolving for athletes to learn how they can participate. Sports Management Worldwide President Dr. Lynn Lashbook says, "The athletes we speak with are busy getting their education, juggling practices, and winning games. They would love to be paid but want easy ways to get ROI. Anxiety is at an all-time high for athletes who are not the superstars getting million-dollar deals, cars, or streak dinners (ask your favorite football lineman about this). Many college athletes are experiencing anxiety and undue pressure to get NIL deals."

As the leader in sport business education, Dr. Lynn Lashbrook, SMWW President wants "no athlete left behind." Regardless of age, gender, sport, position, ability level, or division, all athletes should have the opportunity to monetize their fan base. No matter the size.

SMWW has a solution. 

Starting immediately at SMWW, any NCAA or NAIA athlete can immediately have an NIL deal. College athletes at all levels have friends and family who would like to work in sports and/or coaches and athletic staff who want to move up the ladder in sports business. For each student referral who takes a course, SMWW will pay the referring college athlete $50. Each college athlete who registers will get a discount code assigned to them.

To participate, college athletes can simply apply here:

"This opportunity is sweet and simple. Coaches will love it. Parents will love it. Student Athletes will love it. It meets the criteria of the state and the university. This NIL deal doesn't adversely affect the athletes lifetime brand as it is educational. The Student Athlete is not responsible for tracking, collecting, or managing the process. They can give their discount code out verbally or via social media, or even on a hand written note. They don't need to attend seminars, or ask about hash tags, or memorize a dance routine for TikTok," says Dr. Lynn Lashbrook.

Social media is stressful enough. Being a college athlete is stressful enough. Being a college student athlete is stressful enough. SMWW is doing their part to offer money to athletes at all levels, and keep it simple, so college athletes can focus on their grades and their sport.

About Sports Management Worldwide: 
Sports Management Worldwide (SMWW), is the global leader of sports business education with over 30,000 students from over 163 countries offering 35 eight-week online Certificate Courses to assist people with their sports careers. Sports Agent, Scout, Analytics, Sports Broadcasting, Sports Media, Management, Marketing, Sales, Finance, Coaching, Player Development, and more. At SMWW, we give students the "what you know" and "who you know" to work and advance in sports at the college or professional level. Graduates work in every league in the USA and many international leagues in almost every sport imaginable. 

About Dr. Lynn Lashbrook: 
Dr. Lynn Lashbrook is President & Founder of Sports Management Worldwide, the first online sports business school, and a respected voice in the sports business community, often serving as a field expert in publications like Sports Illustrated, ESPN, Reuters, Sporting News, WorldSoccer, SLAM, Hockey News, Baseball America, Sports Weekly, and more.
Lashbrook is currently an NFLPA Agent, former NCAA Athletic Director, and past president of National Association of Academic Advisors for Athletics. 
Dr. Lynn Lashbrook,, 503-445-7105 or visit:

Source: Sports Management Worldwide