SMS Announces Strategic Partnership With Apty for Enterprise Digital Adoption

"The problem isn't software. It's how it's used." Omar Chaar - Director of Industry Solutions

Strategic Maintenance Solutions, Inc.

Strategic Maintenance Solutions Inc. (SMS) is excited to announce a strategic partnership with leading Digital Adoption platform Apty. This partnership will enhance the Asset Management and Industrial IoT solutions SMS provides to its customers. Apty's all-in-one platform is built to give users the tools to solve any digital adoption problem. From in-app guidance to business process compliance, the Apty suite helps end users get the most out of their application investment. SMS has developed MaxAdopt, a standardized integration and out of the box content library between Apty's Digital Adoption toolset and the Enterprise Asset Management solution offerings SMS has implemented for its customer base.

Omar Chaar, Director of Industry Solutions at SMS, has led the partnership evaluation and development of SMS' digital adoption offering. "We are thrilled to partner with Apty. Digital adoption is a critical component of software implementations, upgrades, and improvements. By replacing and digitizing the traditional training methods like user guides, training videos, and end-user training, we have modernized what we can offer our customers. Our desire to see our customers successfully utilizing the toolsets we deliver, enhancing their user experience, and providing them with more data to make informed decisions, has led us to exploring how we improve the services we offer, and partnering with Apty solves this."

"We are excited to welcome Strategic Maintenance Solutions Inc. (SMS) into the Apty partner ecosystem. The combination of the Apty platform and solutions with SMS delivery and managed services capabilities, will allow enterprise software users of Enterprise Asset Management globally to maximize the value and desired outcomes they seek in transforming the digital and operational efficacy of their business." - Adam Shapiro, Head of Partnerships and Channels at Apty. 

For more information, please contact Omar Chaar, email, or visit our website.

Source: Strategic Maintenance Solutions, Inc.