S'moresUp Launches New "Parenting Reports" Feature to Create Bird's Eye View of Kids' Development

The app turns parents into "mini data scientists"

S'moresUp Parent Reports

S'moresUp (smoresUp.com), a Smart Family Management platform that teaches kids critical life skills through chores and rewards, has launched a new feature that gives parents insights into how their family is functioning and allows parents to graph kids' chore and time management skills and development. 

Through this new feature, the app now gives parents monthly/weekly analytics reports that tell them how many household tasks kids have completed and how many they missed, the time it takes them, and how many chores are done by each member of the family, how kids are spending their chore rewards, their kids time management, and more. Parents can graph out long term behavioral trends to know how well their kids are learning and growing and where there is room for improvement.

"The global pandemic has turbocharged parents adoption of new technologies," said Priya Rajendran, CEO and co-founder of S'moresUp. "This gives parents the option of plugging in data points and creating charts to track their kids' behavior and growth and using data to optimize parenting." 

Parents can configure tasks for kids once, and a recommendation engine uses predictive analysis to recommend personalized tasks related to their goals, such as being healthy (wearing sunscreen, getting enough sleep, eating veggies, going outdoors), digital life (being disciplined about screen limits), social life (being kind to others, showing courage, dining with family), finances (learning how to save and spend), and more. Parents can also create new life skills for their kids.

Now boasting a 4.5-star rating on both Android and iOS and growing to 310,000 family members, the family app helps kids learn critical life skills through assigned tasks and chores, does behavior analysis to provide parents with insights around their kid's learning, integrates with the family calendar, creates goal setting through rewards, helps kids form long term habits through advanced data analytics and allows the family to interact with each other from within a safe "walled off" family network.

About S'moresUp

S'moresUp is a family organizer that creates data-driven parents. It gives parents tools to help their kids learn critical life skills and healthy habits while managing chores, allowances, and schedules through a secured private family network, where a family's data is safe. The app, which helps raise independent, responsible, and financially savvy kids, was founded by technology veterans Priya Rajendran, a software engineer and busy mom who led the PayPal Wallet team, and Reeves Xavier, former tech lead at Paypal and Intuit. To find out more, please visit www.smoresup.com.

Source: S'moresUp