SmithShaper LLC Launches the First Portable, Multi-Use Fitness Device of It's Kind

​SmithShaper LLC, a Georgia based company, announced today the launch of a portable fitness device that is the first of its kind. Their product, the SmithShaper, is a small footprint fitness solution that takes convenience and safety to a different level for users in home fitness and physical therapy environments. Statistics show that more and more people are working out at home mainly due to convenience and want to do so without investing in bulky gym equipment. This is the primary market for the SmithShaper.

A product of many years of fitness training and 2 years of product design and development, the SmithShaper provides users of all ages an easy way to tone and shape a variety of muscle groups. The reason this small but mighty solution will make a difference in the home fitness market is because one of its keys is a nontraditional approach to performing full range squats. The SmithShaper’s design helps align the body into the correct squat form, redefining the meaning of “the perfect squat.” Proper back angle is very important when doing squats in order to reduce the amount of stress placed on the spine and knees. The SmithShaper assures proper back alignment to reduce stress.

The wearable device sets the SmithShaper apart from any fitness device on the market today. Founder / CEO of SmithShaper LLC, Marcus Smith, knows well the challenges of trying to do squats at home in areas of limited space and in a way that will reduce the risk of injury to the back and knees. “The SmithShaper is truly a one of a kind portable fitness device,” says Marcus. “After using the device to help overcome my own limitations while working out at home, I quickly realized that it could be beneficial to anyone help anyone of any age our fitness level  wants to tone, strengthen or rehabilitate their core and lower body.” Marcus also added that, “We are excited about our product launch and feel that the SmithShaper will effectively help anyone of any age our fitness level interested in improving their physical fitness.”

Originally designed mainly as a home fitness tool, the SmithShaper is getting rave reviews from users in physical therapy because of how it forces its users into a perfect posture when performing squats. “The SmithShaper is a valuable tool to use for performing perfect postured squats and complete core strengthening,” explained Dr. Mike Anderson, DC.

The SmithShaper is a multiuse portable fitness device that can also be used for floor exercises. “Floor exercises with the SmithShaper enable additional lower body strengthening while also helping to fortify core, arms, and shoulders,” says SmithShaper LLC President, Louis Morales. Louis, who’s been working with Marcus to perfect the design, shared that “the SmithShaper is not only a true multi-function isotonic exercise device, it is also small, lightweight and portable. It’s like having a mini gym that you can take anywhere to ensure a full-body work out. Whether you need to get in a quick sweat while at work or want to ensure you maintain your exercise routine during travel, the SmithShaper is for you.”

Louis, who battles an arthritic knee, uses a SmithShaper regularly to keep his quadriceps strong in order to best support his knees and remain physically active. Louis developed a Tabata routine using only the SmithShaper and he wants to share that with SmithShaper users. “In conjunction with the launch, we will be featuring videos of all of the different SmithShaper  exercises on our web site.”  Easy to use for any age, the SmithShaper team is especially hopeful that the SmithShaper will resonate with today’s youth in order to increase participation in a more active lifestyle.

About Marcus Smith

Marcus Smith is a former competitive bodybuilder / personal fitness trainer and fitness enthusiast who has effectively helped many people with their fitness training. His passion for alternative ways to perform exercises led to the development of the SmithShaper. Marcus also provides advice on proper nutrition and will be sharing his advice on

About Louis Morales

Louis Morales, who is a co-inventor in association with six United States telecom patents, brings over 20 years of product development and marketing experience to the SmithShaper team. Like Marcus, Louis is also an athlete. Louis is an active sand volleyball player and competes 3-4 days per week near his residence in Hermosa Beach, CA. Louis became involved with SmithShaper LLC after he conducted an extensive search for a safe way to perform squats in a way that allows for a build up of quadriceps and hamstring muscles without causing undue stress to the knees or lower back.  

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