Smith Medical is Bringing Fair and Transparent Pricing to Surgical Care in Colorado

Smith Medical Direct Specialty Care is a premier surgical center that offers cost accessibility with lower premiums and focalized care.

Smith Medical Direct Specialty Care

Smith Medical Direct Specialty Care Surgery Center of Denver PC (Smith Medical Direct Specialty Care or Smith Medical), located in the Denver suburb of Littleton, Colorado, is now open with physicians performing surgeries on-site. The multispecialty ambulatory surgery center offers state-of-the-art treatments from top local surgeons, with a business model of fair and fully transparent surgery pricing. 

The new Smith Medical Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) is a multispecialty facility, offering a range of surgical procedures including, orthopedics and spine; ear, nose, and throat, general surgery, upper and lower extremity procedures, and men's and women’s health procedures. The ambulatory surgery center is cash-based, highlighting the fair and fully transparent cost of each surgery on its website to create better accessibility and budgeting for patients. 

The surgery center is part of Smith Medical’s larger mission to transform healthcare access and economics. The cost of care at Smith Medical is on average 30-50% less expensive than PPO Network pricing common to most employer plans. Smith Medical’s all-in fully transparent prices are displayed clearly on the company's website. Smith Medical is a welcome partner to those who are uninsured, underinsured, and have high deductibles. Smith Medical is also a perfect complement to self-funded employer health plans, which also act as “direct pay” buyers of healthcare for their employees. 

Even with the transparent, reduced fees, payment to physicians at Smith Medical is often more than they earn in traditional PPO structures. Payment to physicians also occurs much faster at Smith Medical than with traditional, insurance-based reimbursement. These financial dynamics attract the best medical talent in the market. Everybody wins with Smith Medical.

“The economics of healthcare have become an absolute mess. For years the two parties who matter most–the patient and the physician–have been squeezed financially. The time has come to say 'no more.' At Smith Medical we’re putting care control back in the hands of physicians and buying power back in the hands of the patients (and their employers). By delivering exceptional care at fair and transparent pricing, we are fundamentally changing a broken system.” - Brendon Lundberg, COO of Smith Medical. 

This clear and sensible approach to pricing and care delivery not only addresses individual patient needs but also considers the gap in healthcare benefit options for large or small businesses that need to move away from traditional healthcare plans that simply cost too much. 

Smith Medical offers direct-to-employer pricing to Businesses and Benefit Advisors who are looking to improve upon these legacy PPO networks and large National Health Plans. These plans continue to rise in cost every year and are simply not sustainable.  

About Smith Medical: 

Smith Medical Direct Specialty Care is the trade name of Smith Medical Holdings Inc. and its subsidiaries, including the brand new Littleton, Colorado, ambulatory surgery center, Smith Medical Direct Specialty Care Surgery Center of Denver PC.  Smith Medical is named after Keith Smith, MD, one of the founding physicians of Surgery Center of Oklahoma, who pioneered all-cash, price-transparent surgical care in 1997. Smith Medical is using Dr. Smith’s model as a blueprint and expanding nationally. The Littleton, CO, ambulatory surgery center is the first of many planned multispecialty ASCs across the country. Each will offer state-of-the-art procedures from top-of-the-line surgeons, with clear, fair, transparent, and up-front pricing.

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About Smith Medical

Smith Medical Direct Specialty Care redefines what surgical care should look like by starting with fair and transparent pricing in the Denver suburb of Littleton, Colorado.

Smith Medical
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