SmartSilk Offers the Best Natural Bedding for Longer, Better Sleep

SmartSilk's luxury bedding is uniquely designed to ensure a healthier, more comfortable, and more restful sleeping environment.

Natural Bedding

The team at SmartSilk, a hypoallergenic bedding manufacturer, has created the best natural bedding for individuals of all ages. The luxury brand, which specializes in allergen-free bedding products, is providing an easier solution for healthier sleep, with high-quality silk and cotton products that keep dust, dander, and mites at bay.

SmartSilk's cotton and silk bedding help provide for a cleaner and healthier sleep, which in turn leads to better rested mornings and more productive days. Ideal for individuals with or without allergies, their hypoallergenic healthy bedding is designed to provide an optimal night's rest.

The SmartSilk team suggests that healthy sleep is crucial for a healthy overall lifestyle, which is why investing in good-quality bedding is so important—especially during a pandemic. Improved sleep can strengthen the immune system, reduce instances of illness, and make it easier to recover when illness does occur. Getting enough sleep before and after a vaccination is also key, as it has been shown to help in improving antibody responses, according to the National Sleep Foundation.

SmartSilk's organic luxury bedding products include their organic crib comforter and organic crib mattress protector. Both are made using 100% pure silk and organic cotton materials and are Certified Asthma & Allergy Friendly™ by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America and The Asthma Society of Canada. The brand's comforter, sheets, pillowcases, pillow protectors, and more, are breathable and moisture-wicking to help regulate body temperatures overnight. They're also able to be machine washed and dried right at home.

In addition, SmartSilk makes healthy pet bedding to promote enhanced sleep for four-legged friends. Interested readers are invited to visit for more information on SmartSilk's luxury products and their commitment to improved sleep and lifestyles.

About SmartSilk 

SmartSilk is a luxury-bedding company with a focus on creating the highest-quality hypoallergenic bedding essentials for people and pets. Developed and designed in Canada, SmartSilk's products are backed by more than 50 years of textile industry experience, with focus group trials and extensive laboratory testing to ensure that every single item exceeds expectations. The end result is healthier, more comfortable bedding that allows everyone to get the sleep of their dreams.

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