SmartHive, the Hive Controller, Will Soon Launch a Campaign Through Kickstarter

SmartHive, the hive controller will soon launch a campaign through Kickstarter. The world's first, best automated agricultural, beekeeping system. Innovative equipment that anyone can easily use, from beginner to expert.

Beekeeping is a true labor of work and due to the difficult tasks, only experts will continue with beekeeping. Approximately 80% of beekeeping is manually done. To get to the actual honey extraction, a beekeeper must go through a complex and time-consuming process.

Daesung believed that beekeepers need convenient technology that is not limited by space and technology. The hive controller has a simplified honey harvesting process. With just a push of a button, the hive controller pulls up the honeycomb from the hive and even shakes off the bees. With the use of the hive controller, it has significantly reduced the beekeeper’s labor by 70%! Therefore, anyone may now easily experience and cherish beekeeping.

“Choose your tools wisely, the automated device takes care of all the busy work! The only thing the beekeeper needs to do is simply collect the honeycomb from the Hive Controller,” said Hyuk Jeong, founder of Daesung. The number of products manufactured using the Daesung Automatic Hive Controller has increased by more than 50%. Even when working hours and labor costs were reduced, more products could be produced because beekeepers focused on product production. 

Daesung SmartHive will launch on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter on Sept. 28, 2020. The launch strategy was chosen to test the product demand. The expected MSRP is currently set at $3000. Now on the campaign page, the early-bird backer can get a reward with a 30% discount.

About Daesung:

Daesung has been conducting research and development on beekeeping under the brand “SmartHive”. Since 2016, the company has launched various products related to beekeeping. Daesung’s main focus for SmartHive was to simplify the harvesting process. By reducing the labor cost, labor time, and increasing production, everyone may now try out and enjoy beekeeping.

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