Smart, Sexy, Solar-Powered Eco-Search Portal Could Make Google Green With Envy

New 3.0 is "The First Place to Go When You Want to Go Green"

New York, NY & Austin, TX -, the award-winning eco-search / green content portal that is reinventing the search industry with its "stunning graphics" and innovative, non-intrusive full-screen ad formats -- has just been "social media optimized" into the environmental world's most advanced digital media platform.

Even more impressive, the new GPS 3.0 makes web searches look cool -- if not positively sexy. (On Twitter the site is known as "CoolGreenSearch.")

As the first - and only - solar-powered green search engine, GPS 3.0 is the perfect non-polluting vehicle to showcase "Hopenhagen", a global marketing and communications initiative created by Ogilvy & Mather on behalf of the International Advertising Association to raise awareness of and involvement in December's United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen. In fact, during its 3.0 beta-launch, GPS is making an unprecedented offer to donate up to 25% of its advertising inventory to Hopenhagen -- with significant additional amounts offered to other important climate change campaigns.

"Our eco-search results will blow people away with a whole new level of relevancy and reliability," says Michael Haney, Founder/Co-CEO and Chief Technology Officer. "Rather than overwhelm you with a grossly inflated number of green search results, our double-vetted search engine provides instant, eco-weighted results based on what YOU'RE looking for -- not what some 'green washing' marketer wants to sell you."

GPS' state-of-the-art, deep-linked flash interface combines the enhanced graphic capabilities of flash with the SEO and social media-friendliness (i.e. content sharing with friends and followers) of more conventional web architecture. As "the first place to go when you want to go green," GPS 3.0 is designed to serve the needs of today's eco-conscious consumers and the forward-thinking companies trying to reach them.

Co-CEO/Chief Strategic Officer, Peter Einstein, a former big agency Creative Director with a long history of success promoting products for a "healthier people and planet," has been helping Haney transform GPS from a special interest search engine into a "social media optimized" interactive media / advertising platform that takes full advantage of the growth of social networks. The full-screen advertising is "beautifully integrated into the overall site design -- and manages to be high-impact yet totally non-intrusive," says Einstein. "Once people see us, traditional search engines and conventional search advertising seem so 20th century."

Haney adds that "our Full-Screen Background Ads appear around and BEHIND transparent search results. And our expandable Full-Screen PLUS Format allows advertisers to inexpensively create highly-styled, rich-media micro-sites -- right in the middle of a digital green crossroads."

Throughout its beta-launch, GPS's content sections and eco-video sharing community will greatly expand in both size and scope. By featuring the best green videos and articles -- as well as user generated videos and special web-based projects like its own -- GPS aims to be as much an "eco-active" community and content portal as it is an eco-search engine.

While the eco-search engine may be the primary reason visitors come in the first place. But the content, graphics, and "cool" user experience are the reason they stay. "Our audience is extremely green-oriented AND in active search mode -- not just for information but for products that help support their eco-friendly lifestyles," says Einstein. As a result "our initial site analytics are off-the-charts," adds Haney. "Our average page views, percentage of return visitors, and time-on-site, are all really impressive -- and they'll only get better as we add more content and features."

While keeping its visitors up-to-date with a constant flow of eco-news and ideas from across a broad spectrum of green (and green-related) thought, GPS will spotlight the "true heroes of the environmental movement" -- the dedicated individuals and organizations (both non-profit and for-profit alike) with potentially planet-changing ideas but all-too-often without marketing and promotional budgets to match.

In addition to "eco-inspirational" Tweets on Twitter and longer postings on the GPS blog from "EcoEinstein," (Peter Einstein's Twitter alter-ego), GPS will feature "Eco-Buzz" by in-house Conservation Biologist, Dr. Deirdre Doherty, who will provide insightful commentary on today's major environmental issues. Their "EcoReTweeter" supplies GPS with 24/7 real-time tweets from over 800 of the best green Twitterers. In true green fashion, GPS recycles all their content back to Twitter via "CoolGreenSearch."

By constantly pushing the creative envelope, GPS hopes to not only make Google green with envy, but Yahoo, Microsoft, and every other traditional search engine as well -- including special interest search engines.

"We're always trying to re-invent the concept of search and search advertising," says Haney. "We're constantly saying: 'I think we can. I think we can'." Says Einstein, "One day we hope they call us the Little Green Search Engine That Could."

Michael Haney
Co-CEO, Chief Technology Officer

Peter Einstein
Co-CEO, Chief Strategic Officer

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