Smart Sensor to Alert People When They Forget to Turn Off Stove While Cooking

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Tochtech Inc., a Vancouver-based tech company whose mission is to provide SMART home solutions for safer living launched its first product, Toch Smarturns on Kickstarter. Utilizing the Internet of Things, motion censor, wireless and patent-pending technologies, the Toch Smarturns solution transforms existing stoves to SMART stoves, adding intelligence to the kitchen. This first in-class, solution triggers a local alarm and mobile phone notifications to users and family members, providing alerts to the dangers of an unattended stove. Smarturns is an innovative, inexpensive and simple to install solution. 

CEO and Co-founder, Jessica Yang said, “Smarturns is not just another IoT Smart Home device. The project started with the aim of solving a real problem that I, and many others around the world face - helping our aging seniors live independently and safely for as long as they choose to. My aging parents live on their own, and safety in the kitchen is a big concern for me. However through our journey, we found that the issue of unattended cooking is not just limited to seniors.”  The US National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA) reports that 162,400 fires per year or 34% of reported home fires are a result of unattended cooking. 

While Tochtech has been successful in securing funding from local technology incubators such as Wavefront, the Kickstarter campaign represents a significant milestone for the startup. The campaign hopes to raise $65,000 over the next 34 days, and early supporters will be rewarded with the very the first market-ready Smarturns that will ship in December, 2016. “We have worked very hard to build a world-class product and are very excited to tell everyone about it. We need their support to make this a reality,” said Yang. For more information on Toch Smarturns please visit:

About Tochtech Technologies: Tochtech is a Vancouver-based technology company. Founded in 2014, Tochtech designs and produces SMART home solutions through the use of Internet of Things technology. It’s goal is to enable seniors to age independently, safely and affordably in the comfort of their homes. Tochtech is actively working to add more solutions and applications to its family of products.

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Tochtech is a Vancouver-based startup who is developing home sensors that would enable seniors to age in place safely, independently and affordably.

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