Smart Non-Fungible Tokens Poised to Revolutionize the Gaming Industry

Having delivered the world's first Smart NFT technology a year ago, the carbon neutral and innovative technology platform Phantasma sees a sharp increase in attention from game studios looking to launch their games on the platform

Smart NFTs

Built with the needs of software developers in mind, Phantasma Smart NFTs have a number of unique features that enable developers to ignore the technical limits imposed by legacy platforms and deliver truly next-generation digital economies to the gaming industry. Smart NFTs being native to the Phantasma platform means that any developer can immediately start implementing the technology in their products.

Smart NFTs are programmable

Phantasma Smart NFTs are created with the unique concept of NFT metadata being divided into unchangeable ROM and upgradeable RAM. This allows software developers to ensure that core characteristics of their assets can never be altered. The Smart NFT's RAM offers a revolutionary new layer of trustless programmability for developers and enables NFTs to evolve over time without compromising trust between creators and users.

Smart NFTs are multilayered

A Phantasma Smart NFT can be composed of an unlimited number of NFTs, a prime example being the real-time strategy racer 22 Racing Series, where every hypercar is composed of 20-30 individual NFT car parts.

Smart NFTs can be timed

Enabling time-limited access to dApps — "try before you buy" without limitations, providing access to music, movies or other content for a set amount of time. Rent a movie for the weekend? Get a seven-day unlimited Netflix access pass? Timed software licenses?

Smart NFTs are minted on-demand

The moment a purchase is made by the customer, the Smart NFT is minted instantly at the cost of a fraction of a cent to the developer and delivered straight to the customer's wallet, providing a smooth user experience.

Smart NFTs are nested and can be infused with multiple assets

Infusing assets inside Smart NFTs give them a baseline value and can be used to create bundles of goods to sell. Phantasma Smart NFTs can be infused with multiple assets, fungible and non-fungible. Creators can even infuse NFTs into NFTs that are infused into other NFTs.

Smart NFTs have locked content

Smart NFT creators can encrypt a secret code into each Smart NFT. This opens up the possibility of embedding a secret URL to access bonus content, serial numbers or codes to unlock special abilities, levels or other content in their groundbreaking NFT-powered game.

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ABOUT PHANTASMA — Phantasma is a blockchain for NFTs, gaming, and dApps that is fast, secure, and decentralized. The governance token is $SOUL and the energy token is $KCAL, allowing interoperability with other blockchains while maintaining a decentralized governance system. Its innovative staking mechanism, dual token system and advanced smart non-fungible tokens allow the Phantasma blockchain to be used for digital goods and services such as communication, entertainment, NFT marketplaces, and on-chain storage.

Source: Phantasma Chain