Smart Glass Country Announces Wireless Smart Glass for the Next Generation of Smart Homes

Smart Glass Country is developing a new type of smart glass that will be powered exclusively by wireless power transmission. They are starting to test the breakthrough product in real-time applications, with retail sales slated to begin late 2018-beginning 2019.

Wireless power transmission is already used in smaller applications like smartphone charging, says Dmitri Maxim, a representative of Smart Glass Country, and we are developing the first type of switchable glass that will be powered by this technology. This new smart glass product will eliminate complex wiring for a streamlined appearance and it will simplify installation to make new applications possible, including windows and sliding doors. Wireless power transmission also reduces the power required by the switchable glass for a more energy-efficient, eco-friendly product.

Smart Glass Country and their partners are also working on solar-powered switchable privacy glass to further improve its energy efficiency. This new type of smart glass will be completely off the grid and will significantly reduce the time required for wiring and installation.

About Smart Glass Country: Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Smart Glass Country develops innovative switchable glass products and delivers them to clients in North America and around the world. One of the first companies to bring smart section blinds to the market, Smart Glass Country is committed to making the smart home revolution accessible to everyone with state-of-the-art, affordable products.

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