Smart Electronics Company, Thornwave Labs Inc., Designs the Smartest and Most Powerful Solar Charge Controller for Its Size

Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign goes Live

Thornwave Labs Inc. is a smart electronics company that specializes in designing electronics that can be controlled and monitored using mobile devices. Their Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign will allow them to market and pre-sell the Inti C14 solar charge controller to the joy of preppers, campers, and adventure enthusiasts across the country.  

Inti C14 is a smart, easy to use, solar charge controller. It is a plug and play device that does not require wiring, has the smallest form factor yet is the most powerful at 400W and uses Bluetooth Smart to allow users to configure and monitor it using a mobile device.

Buttons, switches, and small LCDs are a thing of the past. Why not design devices to use the most advanced user interface that almost everyone has in their pockets: a smartphone? With a color touchscreen, the user interface becomes simply software, extensible and re-configurable. I though the best first device using the technology would be one that saves the environment and makes your camping adventures more pleasant at the same time.

Razvan Turiac, Founder & CEO

It can support a variety of batteries up to 30V and can automatically detect the number of cells in a battery or can be configured to use a customized charging profile. A convenient USB port allows users to connect it to a computer for configuring and battery analysis. The Inti C14 also helps users to build their own portable solar system for less than $500 (including solar panels and the battery).

Thornwave Labs Inc. would like to invite campers, travelers, outdoorsmen and solar power enthusiasts to support their Indiegogo campaign at:

About Thornwave Labs Inc.:

Thornwave Labs Inc. is a smart electronics company based in Raleigh, NC. It was recently founded and its focus is on designing and manufacturing of connected electronic devices. The Inti C14 solar charge controller is the company’s initial product.

Source: Thornwave Labs Inc.