Smart EcoMap: This Startup Aims to Make Travel Easier & Better

A small startup in Spain is trying to change the future of tourism as we know it, with a smart device that will make travelers’ life easier and less stressful. 

The device, called Smart EcoMap, promises to transform any destination into a smart destination, despite technology limitations, providing travelers with something they usually leave home, connectivity.

"The device, called Smart EcoMap, promises to transform any destination into a smart destination"


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The EcoMap is still in development and is currently being crowdfunded by travel enthusiast from all over the world. The goal is to reach 18,000 ($20,000) in the next few weeks during its Kickstarter launch campaign.

"Tourism destinations are years behind the technology curve, and we are offering them a way to save literally millions of dollars in the short term"
-Carlo Capozzella, founder of Cpz Hispania

The Smart EcoMap is the bridge that connects the traveler with his or her destination, specially when the destination lacks the required infrastructure to reach the traveler's expectations. They have created a smart device designed to make travel easier, more fun and worry-free, a big ask in today's stressful travel shenanigans.

Carlo Capozzella, founder of the startup, says that their proprietary algorithm is the secret sauce behind the Smart EcoMap. The algorithm that creates smart, tailored recommendations specifically for each user. Be it places to visit, travel routes, time-sensitive tips, and more, with the least possible input from the user

The main advantage according to the founder is that there's zero setup time for the user, it's a grab & go device that frees any person from having to download apps, incur in huge roaming data charges, misplace their phone or run out of battery at the worst time possible.

The Smart EcoMap is set to launch in early 2017.

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