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Small Pet First Aid Kit

From the company that brought a full line of equine first aid kits to the horse industry fourteen years ago, comes a new line of companion animal pet first aid kits.  EquiMedic USA, Inc., the world leader in equine first aid, has developed two sizes of small pet first aid kits under the name, PetMedic USA, Inc.

Featuring a small and a large companion pet first aid kit, this health and safety savvy company and rodeo family, is not a newcomer to working with small animals either. Corporate owners, mother and daughter Sharon and Kelsey Baker, of South Dakota, bring a life time of working in the canine industry.  Sharon was raised on her family’s farm and dog boarding facilities, K-9 Kennels.  Since then she has bred and raised Brittany Spaniels, Irish Setters, English Pointers, and Black Labradors. 

Following in her mother’s footsteps, Kelsey Baker has owned and operated Diamond K Corgis for the past seven years.  Specializing in the tri-colored Welsh Pemberton Corgis, Baker has further specialized in the black headed tri-colored Corgis, a recessive gene, less dominant and harder to breed and find in the marketplace.  Miss Baker has shipped offspring of her parent stock all over the country, many as ranch / cattle dogs and the rest as family pets. Several have achieved agility training awards and all are American Kennel Club (AKC) registered, her males being DNA certified to the breed.

PetMedic has evolved over the past two years as the Baker family has researched and sourced additional supplies for this smaller version of animal first aid kits. PetMedic USA is presently introducing a small and large version of its companion animal first aid kits in kicking off its new corporate division, PetMedic USA, Inc. Soon to follow will be an extended line of optional companion animal first aid products to augment their kits.

The two new kits come cased in molded plastic boxes with carrying handles, which are capable of being secured to a surface for wall mounting application.  These kits include such necessary items as dressings of various sizes and types, bandaging supplies, cleansing, antimicrobial and germicidal wipes, medication application supplies, medical towels, medical tape, iodine swabsticks and scrubs, alcohol wipes, hydrogen peroxide, eye wash, exam gloves, tourniquet, bandage scissors, thumb forceps, digital thermometer, syringes and hypodermic needles, antibiotic ointment, hot and cold instant packs, blood abatement powder, and a comprehensive but easy to follow compact pet first aid guide.

Companion animals are as susceptive to injury and illness as any member of the family can be. Similarly to the responsibility of parenthood, pet ownership comes with it the obligation to be the first responder and caretaker of all of the family pets, be they canine, feline, birds, turtles, reptiles, hamsters, gerbil or any other fur, feather or scale bearing critter, in case of emergency or sickness. 

EquiMedic USA launched in 2003 with four equine first aid kits, creating and dominating the marketplace for emergency equine care since then. With twelve kits now available to horse owners and caretakers, EquiMedic USA also offers a line of disposable mini wound care kits that have been widely used for small companion animals for years now as well.  EquiMedic designs and manufactures kits for wholesale and retail sale, and shisp kits all over the world.

Equine First Aid Responders, rescue groups, mounted sheriff’s patrols, state and federal park police and rangers, the US Marines, Army, Calvary, Border Patrol, Native American Indian Reservations, Mounted Police, Beach and Event Patrols, University Agricultural Colleges and a number of youth, saddle clubs and equine organizations now use various of the renowned EquiMedic USA equine first aid kits.

The two new PetMedic USA small companion animal pet kits are currently available on the EquiMedic USA and PetMedic USA websites, at: and  They will soon be available at many major equine and pet related outlets around the country. Be a responsible pet owner and invest in an emergency pet first aid kit so that you can be an effective first responder to your companion animal’s emergency care needs.

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