Small Canadian Tech Team Disrupts Global Market With Big Data Innovation

Blue Ice Cloud launches new industrial IoT platform that uses Artificial Intelligence

Blue Ice Cloud Director Billy Liu and Istuary VP of Engineering Jean Su

In only one year, a small Canadian team of 20 has created an Artificial Intelligence-fueled big-data platform that’s expected to disrupt the global market. Blue Ice Cloud Inc., created at Istuary Innovation Labs, is launching its new AI Internet of Things (IoT) big-data platform today into the global IoT market, currently estimated at $160 billion and growing exponentially as companies harness the power of big data analytics to get ahead of their competition.

The Blue Ice Cloud developers have been working fervently at their computers in downtown Vancouver to create the platform, which will allow large and small firms — from manufacturers to bus companies — to use Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to become more efficient and innovative.

"Blue Ice Cloud is a combination of IoT technology, AI and big data. We're years advanced compared to traditional IoT platforms. This is the newest technology."

Billy Liu, Director of Blue Ice Cloud

Istuary’s VP of Engineering, Jean Su, says work has been “intense” for the energetic team, which includes experts with experience at Microsoft and Boeing and a chief data scientist, Yong Zhang, who did post-doctoral research at Stanford University.

“Blue Ice Cloud has huge potential in the market,” says Su. “What excites me is that it’s not just data mining. This technology uses Artificial Intelligence and machine learning algorithms on the data to provide insights that companies can use immediately.”

“In industry environments, the real-time processing of data is very important,” explains Billy Liu, Director of Blue Ice Cloud and a veteran of R&D teams at Microsoft, Nokia and Huawei.

Liu expects the Blue Ice Cloud platform will transform the way companies operate, allowing businesses to seize opportunities, find savings and mitigate risks using the data they already collect, without hiring data scientists. Using the new platform, the insights will be generated through AI. “We make it very easy for people to use Artificial Intelligence,” says Liu.

The Canadian tech company has an advantage over other global IoT competitors, the director says. “Blue Ice Cloud is a combination of IoT technology, AI and big data. We’re years advanced compared to traditional IoT platforms. This is the newest technology.”

The platform is being tested by UBC researchers in Vancouver, city transportation officials working on bus scheduling in Guangzhou, and Smart Farming initiatives in B.C. and Shanghai, and more companies are joining.

“Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence are core parts of our product,” says Su. “We think Blue Ice Cloud will influence the industry. With this platform, we’re making big data analytics more intelligent.”

The company invites university researchers, IoT research institutes and IoT solution pilot companies to test Blue Ice Cloud. Information is available at

Liu says he expects more staff will be added this year as work continues following the public market launch today. “We’re open to good talent, both young and experienced. We want more people to join us.”

No doubt, the hard-working team of 20 will welcome their help after an intense year of development.

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