Small Business Mentor Launches New Resource to Help Businesses

Entrepreneurs looking to grow their businesses now have a free resource created by experts to help them start, manage, and scale their businesses.

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Small Business Mentor announced today its new platform that aims to change how businesses grow.

Key Highlights of Small Business Mentor: 

  • Businesses can now get personalized matches with agencies that industry experts have vetted. 
  • Small Business Mentor will help businesses find software and other resources that match their needs, budget, and goals. 
  • Small Business Mentor has a blog with new content every day focused on helping educate current or aspiring business owners. 
  • All agencies and resources are vetted and audited by experts using ever-growing criteria. Services are required to be ethical, transparent, and accessible. 

Small Business Mentor started after its CEO, Mike Funkhouser, became frustrated with the lack of ethical resources offered to small businesses. He aims to provide everything someone needs to start, manage, and scale their own business - entirely for free. Small Business Mentor is everything a business may need to succeed, from how-to guides and blogs to agency matching and marketing audits. 

"It's hard enough to start a small business, let alone navigating an industry that is constantly trying to take advantage of you. Small Business Mentor vets agencies, software, and resources to give business owners peace of mind that they're working with ethical resources." Funkhouser said. 

Small Business Mentor started as a marketing agency, helping organizations of all shapes and sizes to grow. The founders soon realized that for every business they helped, there were dozens more being taken advantage of. They decided that they needed to transform the industry if they wanted to help as many businesses as possible. That started with accountability. 

"I've seen far too many businesses fail as a result of agencies not having their best interest in mind. Agencies will have a great sales team, take your money, and never produce. To be a Small Business Mentor resource - you need to pass an audit and prove that you're ethical, transparent, and accessible," Funkhouser said. 

About Small Business Mentor: 

Small Business Mentor aims to help give everyone who wants to start or grow a business the opportunity through resources and education. Our platform expertly vets resources to ensure they are ethical, transparent, and accessible. 

Media Contact: 

Mike Funkhouser

CEO Small Business Mentor 

Source: Small Business Mentor