Slipstream Medical Announces Series A Funding

Slipstream Medical to Accelerate Manufacturing to Meet High Demand With Series A Funding

Slipstream Medical, the manufacturer of the Stiletto™ Extended Dwell Catheter, today announced its Series A funding round led by MedVenture Health. The funding will allow Slipstream Medical to scale and accelerate manufacturing to meet high demand in the marketplace and fulfill product to a growing hospital customer network. 

“With this exciting new investment from our partners at MedVenture, we will be able to better support a positive patient experience as well as aiding in the reduction of cost for providers,” said Jay Muse, founder and CEO of Slipstream Medical. “We believe that while PIV needle sticks are accepted, they are unacceptable, and even two sticks are too many. We designed the innovative Stiletto™ catheter to be the gold standard in extended dwell IV therapy, and our clinical results have been outstanding. This funding will allow us to meet customer demand as it continues to grow.” 

The Stiletto™ has been designed for ease of use, extended dwell times, increased blood draw performance, reduced infiltration/extravasation, increased needle tip visualization, and increased kink performance to allow placement in the cubital fossa. 

“What Slipstream brings to the market in the exciting new technology through the Stiletto Catheter is game changing for providers and patients alike. Our commitment to ensuring the pathway to increased production and manufacturing will bring the Stiletto to more hospital systems that are adopting the newest and most advanced technology in catheter innovation,” said Luke Larsen, Vice President, MedVenture Health.

The Stiletto Extended Dwell Catheter is available today and more information can be found at

About Slipstream Medical 

Located in Salt Lake City, Utah, Slipstream Medical is the manufacturer of the Stiletto™ Extended Dwell Catheter, a novel guidewire-free extended dwell catheter designed to enhance the patient experience, improve outcomes, and reduce overall provider costs by reducing the number of needle sticks required for blood draws and failed IVs.

About MedVenture Health 

Located in Salt Lake City, Utah, and comprised of leading experts in the medical industry, MedVenture partners with entrepreneurs, physicians, and management teams to advance healthcare products, services, and technologies. MedVenture Health makes investment decisions driven by a fundamental assessment of market, technology, intellectual property, regulatory, and commercial risks. Capitalizing on our investment team’s broad skillset, we invest across the life sciences, including seed and venture financings of development-stage companies, structured debt and royalty deals, and buyouts of developing companies. With in-house support departments consisting of legal, accounting, operations, human resources and marketing, MedVenture brings a uniquely different approach to partnership and investment to drive growth and development.

Source: Slipstream Medical